5 online business ideas any woman can start at the comfort of her home

It’s Money Monday. We promised to bring you some business tips every Monday. Well, we have kept our promise.

At least every average Kenyan owns a smartphone with which they access internet services.

This Monday we will start with just a few ideas of how you could earn some money using your smartphone either as a side hustle for the working woman or a part-time job for the nursing mother or caring housewife at home.

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So if you have good internet network, bundles and time, then here are a few ideas.

1. Blogging

If you want to be a blogger there are a few things you need to know.

First, find a niche. This is what you will be writing about. Do you want to write on politics, celeb gossip, Kenyan, international news or women issues like mamlipsete.com?

Be sure that whatever you choose, you have so much to write about so that you don’t write a few articles and your ideas are all drained.

Blogging needs commitment. Write as many times as you can every week. The more you write (quality content) the more you gain a faithful audience.

The size of your audience determines the income you get. So share your blog links with as many people as you can.

The average monthly income of a Kenyan blogger is around Kshs 30,000 but some blogs may make as little as Kshs 10,000 while others may make as much as Kshs 5M, the likes of Standard Media, Nation etc.

If you have a good smartphone, then ask a trusted IT expert to help you open your blog and start writing.

Remember, like any other business, be consistent, patient and hardworking.

2. Online shops

Technology is such a good thing that even at the comfort of your home, you could have big sales of clothes, accessories, jewellery, duvets etc yet you pay no rent for a shop.

This type of sales gives you the opportunity to start small, unlike a physical shop where an understocked shop will announce to the world that business is not doing well at the moment. For an online shop, you could easily write, “Hurry up while stocks last!” While you only have five pairs of shoes for sale.

All you need is the items you are selling, a phone with a good camera, internet and a good social media presence.

Open an account on facebook, if you have one, be very active on it. For instance, if you are selling diapers, join as many ‘mother-related’ groups as you can.

Most of these groups have market days where sellers can advertise their merchandise. Use that platform.

Ensure you are also on Twitter and Instagram and work to have a good following. Post pictures of what you are selling.

Do not forget Whatsapp too. Whatsapp Business app is specially made for entrepreneurs. Let your contacts know what is new by posting pics of your items on your status.

Ensure that you promptly deliver to your customers. Be polite even to rude clients. These are the same people who will recommend you to other clients.

Put a price tag on your items. Many clients get put off when they ask the price and your answer is ‘Inbox me’ or ‘DM’. You don’t want to look like a scammer.

Avoid overpricing your goods. You could be many sellers selling the same products. The only way to keep your customer coming back to you only, again and again is to be reasonable in pricing and making room for negotiation.

3. Delivery Services

This will work only in your estate. This could be delivery of food, groceries, charcoal or drugs.

When Ann, a primary school teacher from Kiambu lost her job due to Corona, her husband a bodaboda rider was the only one the family of five depended on. Ann stayed at home wondering what to do next until her neighbour, an elderly woman urgently needed some drugs for her diabetic condition.

Ann offered to buy the medicines for her neighbour who in turn gave her a small token of thanks. An idea then struck her. She told neighbours to tell people around that she was starting a delivery service. Then a few orders came for groceries and then food supplies from the supermarket. With the help of her husband, she ensured she delivered the goods asked for in time and in good condition.

She is still contemplating on whether she will go back to teaching after schoold re-open in January because she makes around the same money she was making while at the private school she was.

You too could borrow the idea.

4. Online Writing

Online article writing and transcription services is one way that many university students in Kenya have done to earn an extra buck.

For these two, you need a computer or laptop, very good internet network and ample time to finish the assigned work in time. For transcription, you have to be a very fast typist. The faster you are the better for you and the more the chance to get more clients.

For both, one has to have an account which you can open yourself, although you might face a few challenges. The other option is to buy from the gurus in online writing.

Another way is to liase with an online writer and you can assist them to write and agree what percentage they will pay you.

For article writing, if you are good at research and are prompt in returning the papers, it wil be beneficial for you because your account will be highly rated hence more satisfied customers.

These two types of online jobs could give you around 50-1000 Kshs per hour depending on the type of account you have and the type of work.

5. You Tube

This is another way you can earn money by just having fun.

Are you a good cook? Do you think some of the things your babies do need to be shown to the world just for laughs? Are you a thriving couple that is proud to show off to the world? Or you could have a make-up tip or a life hack that might really impress! Or you could also vlog about your parenting journey. Inspire people, encourage them!

Use YouTube and it could change your life.

All you need is a YouTube account which you open for free and a good video device like a smartphone.

Upload unique content that captures your targeted audience and keeps them glued to your video from start to finish , and then share your You Tube channel to as many people as you can.

Remember if your content is boring, people will not watch it. Be unique and out of the ordinary. Just don’t upload disgusting videos or you will be banned.

If your first video gains good audience, upload another and another because the more videos the more views so more chances of good money.

You could earn directly from You Tube or you could be asked by a product company to mention their product and say something good about it and the agreement of how much they will pay you will be between you and the company.

Reportedly, Kenyan bloggers get around 0.0076$ per view by You Tube but you still have to reach their required minimum number of subscribers.

In Kenya, the most watched non-music vloggers are a couple who earn an estimated 700K -1M Kshs per month from showing their day to day activities.

It’s time to get started too. The small gadget you hold in your arms could easily omokia you! (make you prosper greatly)

All the best as you continue to hustle! Have a great Monday.

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