A sex tape she knew nothing about

Can the past haunt you? Some are quite fortunate. They bury their past, and move on to start a new life and nothing from their former life comes back to them. Not for Virginia.

Virginia had a wild life in university. She was a ‘bad girl’. Her hostel room was a no go zone to the holier than thous. Blaring music with dirty lyrics emanated from her room for most hours in a day. Sometimes one would hear loud drunk voices howling from her room.

She always had company who would either be her girlfriends or her boyfriend Morgan. She was a good host. Not with available beer, cigarettes or food at any given time. After all, her parents gave her enough pocket money. Only they did not know how she used it.

In her fourth year,Virginia decided to slow it down. She would need to sober up and do what her parents expected her to do, take over the church business. First, she would start by dumping her Morgan. He was too thuggish for her future life.

He was only a tool of fun anyway. She had loved his company. He had given her good sex. He had also protected her from the rude boys of campus. Morgan had a reputation of being extremely cross if you ruffled his feathers. So when he approached her in her second year, she felt proud that he had noticed her. They had made a perfect match. Now she wanted to sweep all these under the carpet.

Virginia had it all planned out. She asked one of her friends to act cosy around Morgan then she would ‘catch’ them. Her friend obliged. She went to Morgan’s room pretending to need some help.

“Morgan, I think GK is cheating on me.” She said and started to cry. Morgan went to his girlfriend’s friend who threw her arms to him now sobbing uncontrollably. He was surprised but he let her be. Then Virginia came in and conveniently found them hugging.

“What are you two doing?” She said and left angrily as Morgan threw her friend’s hands from him to pursue his girlfriend. No amount of persuasion changed Virginia. The relationship ended.

Virginia graduated, went back home and transformed to the good girl she was supposed to be. He parents were proud of her. She was the first born and therefore a good example to her three siblings.

Soon the suitors noticed the damsel that had just landed in town from campus. She fell in love with one of them.

Herbert was a God fearing man. He wanted a pious wife too. Someone they could serve God with. He had watched Virginia and knew she was the one.

“Yes, I accept to be your girlfriend.” Virginia said. And the relationship started, a chaste one. No sex until marriage.

“How did you manage to stay in campus with your virginity?” He had asked her. Virginia was shaken up by the question. What had made him think she was a virgin? Should she tell him the truth? And lose him? No! Virginia thought.

“Not everybody is bad in university. You know that, you have been to campus yourself. If you focus on what took you there then all will be well.” She said as he nodded with agreement.

“Ladies like you who remain celibate in such a wicked world are rare. I am glad I found you.” He said.

“How about you?How was it for you in university?” She asked.

“For me, I was the Christian Union chairman, I had the right company who we prayed and worshipped with after studies. All I can say is, I prayed for God’s protection and He did not fail me.” Herbert said, smiling at his soon to be wife, unaware that her heart was pounding so fast she thought it would explode.

“I have to go, dad and mum are probably looking for me.” She said as she walked away quickly. Herbert looked on approvingly at the nice obedient girl he was about to marry.

It was a colourful wedding. The bishop’s daughter had done them proud. Food was in plenitude. There was song and dance. Everyone agreed that this marriage was indeed blessed and from it would bear a surfeit of more blessings.

It was now the wedding night. She had schemed it all. He did not suspect a thing. She played her game well and he fell hook, line and sinker. He was understanding. He had been advised too, to be patient with her and within a few days, they could now comfortably do it. He counted himself lucky for being her first.

Being husband and wife now meant that they were given bigger roles in church. They would even assist the  bishop in televising the church sermons. If Virginia had known that being on TV would unearth her buried skeletons, she would have stayed miles away from the limelight. But no one knows the future.

On another side of the country, was Morgan, her campus ex-boyfriend lazily flipping through the channels. Life had not been fair to him. He still was searching for a job three years after graduating. He sat up on his mother’s couch when he saw a familiar face on TV. He could not believe it.

Virginia was on a big church dais, praying energetically for a sermon that was about to be given by her husband. Morgan smiled satisfactorily. What he had seen on TV would achieve two goals: revenge and wealth. He recalled her friend confessing to him that Virginia had used her to get rid if him. Now it was time to get back at his ex.

Relaxing under a swinging chair outside her house, Virginia received a text.

Well,well,well, bad girl became good girl after everything she did in campus.

Virginia’s eyes widened. She had changed her number and had shut out all her university friends. She texted back anxiously.

Who is this and what do you want?

A reply came promptly.

They call me Morgan, but you called me Mo bae.

Virginia almost dropped her phone. She wrote back with sweaty hands.

Why are you bothering me?

His reply made her gasp in bewilderment and confusion. He sent five naked pictures of her, clearly enjoying posing in seductive positions. Then another text came. He asked her to choose, to be exposed or to send him a hundred thousand shillings.

Virginia breathed in a sigh of relief when he mentioned the amount. She texted back asking how sure she was that he would get rid of those pictures if she send the money. He promised that he would keep her word.

A hundred thousand shillings was not a lot to her. She sent to him after a few hours hoping against hope that Morgan would keep his end of the bargain. She knew not that Morgan had just discovered the easiest means to butter his bread.

He asked for money every week and she, being left with no choice yielded his demands. Then Morgan elevated his game.

I have a sex tape. A million shillings or I expose.

Virginia knew he was bluffing. She knew there were pictures but she had never made a sex tape with him. He was just getting greedy. A thought crossed her mind. She would dare him so that he would not think she was too scared. Big mistake.

When she woke up the following morning, her phone had thousands of missed calls. Her husband was asleep then. She checked his phone and was dumbfounded when she realised what Morgan had done. Both her phone and her husband’s were filled with myriad of concerned and curious from friends, fans and relatives.

One of the messages was urging her to check her social media account. She screamt and woke her startled husband. She ran to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. How could Morgan do this to her? She heard Herbert’s loud and shocked exclamative. He started to knock on her door demanding to know what was going on.

She checked her phone again and saw her naked carefree self , five years ago bouncing happily on a jubilant also naked Morgan. The video showed her changing sex styles like a pro, stopping to sniff some bhang and then going back on top of him. Morgan, had recorded this video without her knowledge.

Virginia switched off her phone. The knocks on the door were fewer. She lay on the bathroom floor sobbing quietly at her destroyed life. She was sorry, for herself, her parents, her church and her husband. She did not know how to face any of them. She managed to pick a razor from a shelf. She did not feel the pain as she slit her wrists. The last thing she heard before drifting to unconsciousness was a thunderous bang of the door.

When her parents broke in, they were met by a pool of blood oozing from their daughter’s wrists. They called out for help and rushed her to hospital.

When she came to, she saw her siblings concerned face. One of them called out to the parents, who rushed in. She saw a look of disappointment on her father’s face and remembered the sex tape.

“Where is Herbert?” She asked. Her brother stammered something inaudible but her mother cut him short to ask her how she was feeling.

It took days to be discharged. Virginia went to her house. Herbert had taken all his clothes. Her father could not stand her, he had not spoken a word to her in hospital. She knew she had disappointed many . However, she watched her younger sister who had offered to come and stay with her for a few days.

“You seem to be too engrossed on your phone siz,” Virginia asked her nineteen year old sister.

“Yea, Senator Theo is trending. See this video,” She said as she showed her elder sister the video, ” his wife just caught him cheating in his car! Can you believe it?”

“Oh, that’s…that’s bad. He must be embarrassed.” Virginia said weakly as she remembered her own case.

“Yeap, it is. But you know the funny thing. These things don’t trend for long. There’s always something new all the time. I am sure by next week something else will have come up and we will forget Senator’s Theo video and his life will be back to normal.” Virginia’s sister said, still intrigued by the video.

Those were the most motivating words Virginia heard since she was in hospital. She found the strength to switch on her phone and true to her sister’s words, her sex tape was not trending though there were still a few who wanted to hang on to her predicament.

She bravely wrote an an apology post on her account and explained the existence of the sex tape, begging for forgiveness from those she had disappointed. She accepted that some would never forgive her and she would understand. She poured her heart out through her electric gadget. Virginia saw a few hurting comments but was shocked at the myriads of comforting and encouraging comments. She knew then, she would be strong again.

One week later, Herbert was standing at her door.

“I read your online post and one of the commenters remarked with a Bible verse. -John 8:7- It startled me out of my judgemental state. I am hurt but I am not a saint too. I am asking that we go back to what we had before the devil paid us a visit.”

She did take him back. Slowly, life went back to normal. Her father was becoming more accommodative by the day. Herbert and his wife Virginia were now stronger and more honest to each other. Virginia’s sister was right, the internet always has something new. Nothing lasts forever.