A sexless marriage?

She asked that question and roared into laughter.

“You mean you are just like brother and sister?” She asked now concerned not to taunt her friend too much.

Pam had endured a sexless marriage for so long. Her husband would come, have his dinner and then fall asleep on the couch. Their relationship outside the marital bed was good. They dressed the kids to school together and went to work together amid small chitchat. Evenings would be spend peacefully too . But they just were not intimate.


“Ok, so what do we do to help her Jane?” Lilly finally asked.

The three had been good friends since their college days almost fifteen years ago. They often met to share secrets and gossips. They were now at Jane’s house chatting over cups of teas and mandazis. Jane was a good cook. Of the three, she looked most fortunate in love. She had won the heart of a court clerk and they rarely had problems, she would say.

So here was Pam saying that she had been intimate with her husband only twice last month. As her friends, what should she do? How would she rekindle the light in her marriage that seemed to dwindle every day?

“Well, try talking to him about it. “Lilly suggested.

“I did, he said he had so much in his head, like school fees, his tiring work…bla bla bla.” Pam replied. They noticed Jane had fallen silent. She looked like she was lost a hundred miles away from them.

“Jane!” Lilly called her elbowing her waist. Jane was startled. She looked at them like they were total strangers.

“Are you with us? Help me friend save my marriage. ” Pam called out to her.

“Ooh…I think you should initiate intimacy more. Remember the pastor who was trending last week? Remember what she was saying in the viral video? Initiate it , in the bedroom, kitchen and even in the living room. Wear sexy too. I hope you don’t get to bed with that thing you used to wear in college at night? “Jane quipped.

“Jane! That was years ago! About initiating it..believe me I have tried being sexy to him. I even took the kids early to bed yesterday, then undressed to my birthday suit. He was excited, licking his lips eagerly as I was walking around doing my chores. He could not hold it any longer ,he grabbed me and threw me on the couch , panting like a hungry lion, then when we were hot like iron boxes, he dozed off.

Jane and Lilly could not help but laugh. Pam laughed too.

“I hate to say it my dear,but I think your husband is cheating on you.”Lilly said.

“What! No!” Jane refuted vehemently as if Lilly was talking about her personally.

“I would not be surprised. ” A sad Pam said hanging her head.

The three women deviced a plan. A spy was the cure to Pam’s marriage. It would bring closure to her. Lilly knew of a good spy nicknamed Joey Greco. He was good at his job. Pam agreed.

” Please friends,this is our secret. Just the three of us. Especially you, Jane. One word to Tony and we mess everything up.” Pam pleaded.

Jane gestured zipping her lips. “I swear Pam. Trust me. I know, telling my husband especially them working at the same office would jeopardize everything. Besides, we never have time to gossip ,our hands are always full, if you know what I mean..huh!” Jane always bragged of a fantastic love life.

The spying crew followed Pam’s husband discreetly from his workplace, to his home, to everywhere he stepped foot on. They took videos and pictures. It was the longest month for Pam. Then Joey Greco finally called them for a meeting. He had a lot to tell them.

“Well?” It was an anxious Pam.

“Ok. Pam, I dont know what you want to hear but from my experience, I think you will be happy to know that your husband is not seeing any woman. ” Joey answered.

“Is that it? ” Lilly asked.

“No. You were right he is hiding something. Something big. ” Joey said.

“What is it ? What is it? If he is not seeing any woman then, is he seeing a man?” It was Jane.

Pam and Lilly glared at Jane but then again it was a valid question. Joey laughed it off but regained his sombre face very fast.

“Here are the photos. Your husband is not cheating on you Pam. In fact he loves you so much that he does not want to tell you that he is suffering from a fatal disease. My team thinks its best he himself reveals it to you. He has been going to see different doctors about it. Convince him to tell you what it is because he really needs support.”

Pam was already sobbing at the devastating news. That was typical of her husband. He always carried heavy burdens by himself.Her friends hugged her in pity.

However, Joey was not done with his findings.

“Since Tony and Paul work together, we could not help but find out something.” He announced.

The three women gazed at Joey. What would be worse than what he had already said? But Jane had that strong feeling that whatever it was, it was aimed at her. The look by Joey to Jane also confirmed to Lilly and Pam that the next news was delivered to their friend.

“We know we were supposed to investigate Pam’s husband but Jane, my team thinks you are the one that really needs to investigate yours.” Joey said.

“Why?” Jane asked in an inaudible voice.

“Seems like you already have something on him. Why don’t you just tell her?” Lilly spoke on their behalf.

Joey sighed and looked at Jane.

“Your husband and the boss, Judge Nancy Welle are having an affair. We found out that the affair is going to its fourth year.” Joey’s words rang in her mind like an echo and even as he left, she was still preoccupied in a world of sad thoughts.

The room was in quietude. Greco’s double shock needed meditating upon. Finally, Lilly broke the silence.

“So, Pam,just know that we are here for you and Paul…Jane, I just can’t believe Tony could do this.”

“Friends, I now cannot lie anymore.Tony and I are even worse than Paul and Pam. We have not been intimate for years. I just wanted to paint a flawless facade to all of you but I am dying inside. We only pretend to be nice to each other in public but inside our home,we are just room mates. It tears me into pieces every day. Somehow, this revelation to has brought a relief to me…” Jane could not finish her sentence.

It took hours for the three friends to regain sobriety from all the crying.

” My friends, we shall overcome these obstacles. Together we will. I may not suffer now but your suffering is mine too. I will pray for both of you. I will walk this hard roads with you. But please my friends,let us be open and truthful to each other. Every woman needs a true friend and how good of us, because we are three. ”

Months later , Paul was recovering from prostrate cancer with Pam by his side.Karma had hit Judge Nancy, she resigned from office after several complaints from the public were made about her. Jane and Tony had started afresh and were now seeing a marriage counsellor. Truthfully speaking, Jane said, they were now dancing in the sheets reasonable number of times in a week.

The three friends,Pam,Lilly and Jane are tighter than before. Good friends are rare especially with women but these three count themselves favoured.