A story for married people only

When Jacky got married to Michael, she enjoyed the new life. Michael and her would always be in each other’s arms. When Michael came home in the evening, they would think of nothing else but to fill a coital appetite that seemed to increase by the day. They would have supper late in the night when their bodies craved for some replenishment after vigorous sensual gymnastics.

Jacky was amazed at marriage life. She would have Michael make steamy endless love to her one night but the next day she would be aching from head to toe waiting for him to come and ravish her longing body.

Maybe it was because she loved him a lot or because he loved her too intensely. She loved Michael’s contentment with her. He came home early to her since every single day. He had stopped going out with his single friends who joked that Michael had literally been swept off his feet by Jacky.

As expected, with so much copulation going on, a baby was formed. The two were elated. They had celebration sex .

“With all these going on, it would not be a surprise if I had multiples!” Jacky joked.

“Sauti Sol sang that they come with their own plate, so no worries!” Michael said , stroking his wife’s back as she lay on his hairy sweaty chest loving the manly smell her husband had. She in turn stroked the hair on his chest and this prompted to another session of making lazy whoppee.

Jacky’s pregnancy started to take a heavy toll on her. She hated the smell of fried onions so much that she started to boil most of the foods. Michael, being the understanding man he was, ate the badly cooked meals devotedly. He strived to meet his wife’s cravings even if it demanded he wake up and night to satisfy her.

But the pregnancy seemed to go further downhill. At seven months, she could not stand the once sexy smell of his perspiration that had greatly aroused her months before. He therefore slept on the couch.

When the baby came, post partum depression came knocking. She did not want anyone near her baby. He could have a virus or something and the baby would be infected, she said. She did not cook, all her time was spent on the baby. No TV, no talking in the house, no noise at all! The baby would wake up.

So Michael went back to his friends. He would come home late tiptoeing not to wake both child and mother. He would carefully stack the fridge with all the necessities and then get to bed very discreetly.

Jacky grew out of the depression progressively. She still would get temperamental now and then but she was getting better. However, Michael had already been accustomed to his habit of passing by the local meetpoint to take one for the road. He would come and sometimes meet Jacky in a good mood. This would be his lucky night.

Then another child came and another. Jacky was now busy with her children. Some were attending school. She had to cook early, bathe them and prepare an early sleep for them. Her mornings were busy as she saw her husband and kids off. Her hands were full.

Ten years since their marriage saw Jacky and Michael sent their last born to school. That day was lonely for her. She decided to do some grocery shopping. She realised when she arrived in town, that she had forgotten her purse back at home. Her phone and money were in the purse. She wouldn’t go back home. She would pass by Michael’s office and borrow some money from him.

She saw him through the window. He was busy at the computer. She remembered that the first time she saw him he was in that same office, same posture. She felt what she had felt that first time. She had been attracted to him instantly. She had been sent by a friend to deliver some files to him and they had started a friendship that led to marriage.

He did not hear her enter the office. She looked around his office. Everything was as it was ten years ago except for one thing. A picture frame of a beautiful woman. Herself. She felt the ache. He loved her still. He was startled to see somebody very close to him. He grinned at her sight. Then his eyes met hers, she had that look she gave him in the first years of marriage. That look that made his loins stirr.

Jacky slowly and seductively went back to the door and locked it. She pulled the curtains to the window and gazed at her husband charmingly. He was fidgeting excitedly. She pulled her dress up but Michael could not keep his hands off anymore. He pulled her to him and kissed the stomach that had given birth to his lovely three children. She stroked his head. He stood and placed her on the desk. She unbuttoned his shirt and took off his belt with one swift move.

He thrusted with a woken passion and she received every of it in great thirst. Like years before , they arrived at the pinnacle at the same time. There was hot air and heavy breathing. He gazed at her eyes.

“Sweetheart, the spark is back!” He almost screamt.

“Oh yes, my love!” She said as they dressed up. She asked for some money and he quickly emptied his wallet. She beckoned him with her index finger. He bent to her, his ear near her mouth.

“That was just an appetizer. Come home early for the main meal.” She whispered and walked to the door as he gazed longingly at his wife. The explorative,spine-tingling Jacky was back! This one looked more fuelled and intoxicating. He adjusted his groins to keep them calm, for now.

Jacky did her shopping beaming like a two year old. She was happy the spark was back. She would rekindle it and keep it burning regardless of age. She saw her marriage like old wine that gets better and sweeter with age.