A woman’s wrath part 2

“Bang!” The heavy frying pan landed squarely on the evil man’s head. He lost consciousness.

“Bedroom! Quickly!” Stacy barked at her startled son as she commenced on tying Gabriel up. Morris had never seen such menacing eyes from his mother. He had a feeling that whatever he had been doing with Gabriel is what had her that angry. He quickly obeyed her orders.

On the other side of the room was Stacy, adrenaline spun through her, her hands spinning the rope around the half naked Gabriel in an unusual speed. She tied his hands, his legs and was tying her last knot when she heard him make a groan. He had finally regained consciousness. She felt her heart’s rapid beats as he tried to make out of his surroundings.

“What the…!” Gabriel cursed as he tried to wriggle himself out of the rope. Stacy kicked him hard on the abdomen causing him to moan but giving her impetus to cause more pain to him. She kicked with all the muscle she could muster, and the kick landed on his still naked manhood hanging sheepishly from his body. Gabriel let out a long howl of agony, that howl a dog who has been hit with a heavy object makes.

“You piece of dirt!” Stacy said over and over as she aimed for his Achilles heel.

“I’m sorry…I am so sorry Stacy…ple..please..” He was saying, his eyes shifting from shutting completely to opening wide as if the pain was causing him to go blind.

“Sorry will not erase what you have done to my boy!” Stacy said as she moved from him. Her right leg was aching from the kicking. He phone was ringing. She ignored it.

“Please dear…I will do anyth…” He was saying when Stacy jumped on him again, now not kicking but putting her whole weight on the now frail phallus. He had made a big mistake in calling her dear. Gabriel screamt like a girl as she stepped on his manly tool.

“No one can hear you bastard, not beyond the perimeter wall.” She said, laughing at his helpless self lying on the floor as he looked up at her with a forlorn face. Stacy recalled how that morning she had planned to give him an exciting night. She thought she knew all his love fantasies. Little had she known that her son gave him the strongest stir of his loins.

“Are you going to kill me?” He asked weakly. Stacy glared at him. She scratched her head. When she saw Gabriel molesting her son, she had acted on impulse by hitting him with a pan, but she did not know whether she could pull through with murder.

“Wait and see.” She said as she went to the kitchen.

“What are you doing Stacy? Stacy!Stacy!” He called out desperately as his eyes followed Stacy’s movements. He heard her fill a sufuria with water, then she lit a match on the gas cooker. She heard her phone ring again. This was not the time to pick any call.

She came back and found him dragging himself to the glass table. The adrenaline that had shot through her earlier pumped again as she grabbed the pan she had hit him with then jumped the sofa to him, and aimed for his knees. The painfilled groan that came out from him made her sink on the sofa satisfactorily.

She watched as the man she had fallen head over heels in love with sobbed like a baby. Stacy’s tears started to well up too. She wondered why she had been fooled by his blinding acts of love. She had heard of children being molested but never had she imagined that her dear Morris would go through such wicked hands.

“Stacy, please I am sorry. Please let me go.You are not capable of this odious act. Please find it in your clean heart to stop this torture. You are a good girl, I know that.” Gabriel said, taking advantage of Stacy’s moment of weakness. She shot him a look,wiped her tears and stood.

“Gabriel, a mother is like a lioness. Never mess with her cubs, otherwise, she will come onto you with everything she’s got. Even I, never knew I can be this ruthless. Yet, this is just the beginning. ” She said the words in a low slow way to let every of it sink in.

“Morris is not even your own son, Stacy!” He cried. She sniggered as she shook her face unbelievingly.

“When I shared that secret to you, I did not know you would use it to your advantage.” She kicked him on his vulnerable spot countless times as she told him, “He might not be from my womb but Morris knows no other mother but me, and I will defend him to death!”

Then the door bell rang. Stacy tiptoed and peeped through. When she saw who was standing at the door, she felt weak on her knees. She turned at the man on the floor who sensed her fear and started to shout for help. She hopped to the sofa, picked a pillow fast which she used to muzzle his mouth by sitting on it. His pleas were not loud enough to be heard. Then she heard another phone ring. The phone was not hers. It rang from Morris’s bedroom.

She woke up quickly and ran to Morris’s bedroom. He was crouched on the bed but his right hand held Gabriel’s phone. She rushed and grabbed the phone from him and rebuked him for having it. When she turned back to go to her hostage, she bumped into a huge barrier that was not there before.

Gabriel was towering above her, with a devilish smile on his face.

“Guess who did not tie the ropes tight enough! Surprise! Here is Angel Gabriel!” Stacy was trembling, her eyes were wet with fear as he moved closer to her. Morris was silently weeping behind her. Gabriel raised both his hands, with an intention to smack both sides of Stacy’s face. She closed her eyes wishing she had poured the hot water on him when he was helpless but the slaps did not land.

She opened her eyes when she heard a loud bang, then a thud on the floor. Gabriel was laying on the floor unmoving. Behind him was her mother, holding the large pan.

“Grandma!Mum!” Morris and mother shouted in unison as the woman lifted her eyes from the immobile body on the floor. She politely gestured them both not to come near her as she took her phone from her handbag.

They listened as she called the police, narrating how she had met him beating her daughter. She nodded as they gave instructions to her, then she hang up.

“Does this room have a key, oh it’s already on the door?” Stacy’s mum asked as she beckoned to them to leave the room. They saw her go back and then heard clangs for about a minute and then came out and locked Gabriel in then ordered her daughter to lock the kitchen door as they exited the house, locking the front door too.They found a resting place on some metres from the house.

“We should have tied him up, mum. What if he comes to and somehow manages to get out.” Stacy said as Morris clung closer to his grandmother.

“I doubt so, not after receiving thirty strikes of a pan on his head,” Stacy’s mother’s eyes met her daughter’s in silent understanding. “So tell me what this is all about, do not leave any thing unsaid.”

Stacy obliged to tell her mother how her love story had been broken. She used euphemisms along the way or difficult vernacular words which she knew Morris would not understand. Her mother listened, expressing different emotions as the appalling events unfolded before her.

“I was in town and wanted to pop in before going home. I called and you could not pick my calls. I knew there was something wrong because you always pick on the first ring.” Stacy’s mother said, “I had a strong weird urge to come and see you, I even thought you were very unwell. When you did not open the front door, I thought I should try the back door, then I heard that monster…” Stacy’s mother stopped as the sound of police sirens neared.

“Mum, I don’t know what got over me. I should have called the police. When I saw what he was doing with Morris, I just snapped and became an animal. I tortured him and enjoyed every cry of pain he uttered. Now my future is ruined. I will pay for taking the law in my own hands. Oh My God! I will go to jail.” Stacy said gesticulating frantically.

Stacy saw a smile on her mother’s face. She saw her look at her grandson who was peacefully sleeping on her lap.

“He will need a counsellor after all he has been through. ” She said, ignoring her daughter’s worries. Then she turned at her and held her hand.

“My daughter, remember when Ann was being rushed to Theatre about to give birth to baby Morris?” Stacy’s mother asked her. She recalled the sad day her sister died when giving birth.

“Do you remember Ann’s last words?” Stacy nodded, tears flowing from her eyes as she flash backed.

“She asked you, ‘Stacy, will you take care of my baby until he is an adult?’ You said Yes. Then she breathed her last.”

The police had now arrived at Stacy’s house. The keys were at the door.

“Stacy, I have lived my life. I am an old widow now. What more is left of me? I killed that monster because he messed with my cub. Let Ann’s wish be fulfilled. Besides, I can’t have one daughter dead and the other in jail. The one alive has to live her happy life.”

“Mum? What are you saying?” A distressed Stacy asked as two policemen approached them.

“Someone has to pay for what happened there. Who among you is responsible for this?” Her mother smiled and rose up to the officers. She put her hands together, ready to be handcuffed.

“I am the one. I started it and I ended it.” She said. By now, Morris had woken up and was crying his heart out fearfully holding tight on his mother’s dress who was dumbfounded at her mother’s sacrifice.

“Why?” One of the policemen asked the confident unscared woman.

“The wrath of a woman.”

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