A woman’s wrath

In Stacy’s list of her dream man, on the top of the list was, he had to love her four year old son, Morris. The admirers did come, some with feigned affection for the little boy. Her maternal instincts would press her early enough to get rid of the pretentious men whose intentions were just to get in her pants. Others suitors came, and upon realization that the beautiful lass had an offspring, would make good their escape.

Stacy did not have to wait for long. She was still young, twenty five years and breathtakingly enchanting. She met the perfect man in a butchery.

He was patiently waiting for the butcher to weigh his order when Morris and his mum came in to buy some meat as the former jumped up and down excitedly.

“Half a kilo of beef please.” Stacy asked the butcher.

“Mum, is beef another name for meat?” The inquisitive boy asked.

Stacy looked at the butcher and the now curious customer who politely smiled at Stacy’s talkative son.

“No baby, beef is cow’s meat.” Stacy said.

“A cow? What about sheep meat?” Morris inquired.

“Sheep meat is known as mutton.” Stacy asked.

“What about a cat?” Morris asked and the butcher and customer gave in to an amused laughter. They had been listening to the mother and son.Then the customer knelt to Morris and picked him up.

“Have you ever tasted cat’s meat little boy?” He asked. Morris shook his head and faced the butcher.

“Do you sell cat meat?” He asked and the three adults laughed out again.

“Cat meat is not palatable my friend. We only eat sheep, cows, pigs, chicken…” The courtly stranger was saying.

“I want chicken, mum, please?” Morris said as he wriggled himself in the strangers hands who carefully put him down.

“Look Morris, I did not carry enough money to buy chicken. Our beef is all ready. Let’s go.” Stacy said but the boy was defiant. He was jumping up and down, banging his head on the walls and crying at the top of his voice. Stacy’s cheeks were darker. She was torn betwen picking the boy up like a sack of potatoes and leaving that place or spanking the tantrum out of the boy.

“Morris…Morris…” It was the mannerly man. “See, here is the money. You will have chicken today.” As he handed the butcher cash worth two kilos of chicken, he ordered, “Pack some chicken for this sweet lad.”

Morris was quiet now, sharply watching as the butcher weighed two kilos of chicken. When the packed meat landed in his mother’s hands, the boy hugged the man’s legs.

“I will pay you back the money for the chicken. I just don’t know how to get you.” Stacy said. He offered his number to her and they parted ways. Were it not for Stacy holding her son’s hand, the poor boy would have tripped and hurt himself because he hardly got his eyes off the tender-hearted man.

She sent him the money when she arrived home but he sent double the amount back. Stacy was flustered. She sent the double back but he sent back double the first double. She texted him, asking what was going on.

The game continues until you stop. I bought chicken for Morris and I did not ask you to pay me back. You offered but I only took your number to chat with you.

She was flattered but she knew treading carefully was key. The mobile money transfer had revealed that his name was Gabriel. She thanked him for being kind like an angel.

I love little kids. Remember it was Angel Gabriel who introduced the birth of baby Jesus? Gabriels have a thing with children.

They texted and called each other frequently. Gabriel showed genuine care for her son. Every time he called, he asked to talk to Morris who eagerly waited to hear Gabriel’s voice.

“Why can’t you come visit us one day? We miss you.” Morris tearfully asked unaware that her mother had gone for a quite a number of dates with him.

“I so wish to come see you Mo, but your mum has not invited me yet.” Gabriel said. He was on loudspeaker. Morris glared at his mother.

“Mum, you have to let Gabriel come, please!” Morris wailed. Stacy smiled and nodded her head.

“Gabriel,she said Yes!”

“Did she?I did not hear her.”

“She did. Mum, can he come tomorrow,please?” He beseeched his mother.

“Ok.” Stacy said as she looked at her jovial son. Gabriel had been so good to her son.

The following day was waited upon by mother and son with ants in their pants. They kept glancing at the wall clock, sometimes even wondering whether it was functional. At exactly one o’clock, as he had promised, there was a knock on the door. Morris sprang from the sofa to the door, unlocking it with unexpected momentum.


“Mo!Mo!” Gabriel called back, as he picked the young lad up. Stacy watched as the two embraced like a soldier father hugging his son after many years of being away from each other.

“I have somethinģ for you. Did you say, you want to be a pilot when you grow up? Well here is your first aeroplane!” Morris screamt with joy as he grabbed the huge carton then tore it open impatiently pulling out a magnificent toy. Stacy almost teared up at the look on her son’s face. He was elated!

The toy then took all his attention leaving the lady and gentleman to catch up. The two had a lot to talk about as Gabriel happily ate meticulously prepared food. He was a gentleman indeed, complimenting her for cooking delicious food.

Then the nightfall came and all agreed he should sleep over. That day could as well be his Moving In day. He became permanent house mate since.

As if luck was on her side, she got a better job that gave finer wages than her last. She was however worried that the job would consume a lot of her time. But Gabriel encouraged her not to fret. He would be there for her sson because his job did not need much of his time. With that assurance, she took the job.

Stacy often came home late to meet her son peacefully asleep. She would kiss him on the forehead and join Gabriel in bed ,content that her son had found a dad who really cared.

But hell broke loose one Monday evening when she came home early. She peeped through the window impulsively and almost passed out.

Morris was being subjected to the most immoral sexual act by Gabriel while her lovely son innocently submitted. Stacy held her heart as she felt needles of pain pricking her. Deep hellish anger overwhelmed her. Every nerve in her was boiling.

She breathed in and out and suddenly noticed that there was a clothes rope that was lying down metres away from her legs. She picked it up and tiptoed to the kitchen, then quietly opened the door and stealthily walked to them, behind the devil of the man whose eyes were shut in diabolical pleasure.

A lioness protecting her cubs

Part 2 coming up tomorrow. Please stay tuned and see the wrath of Stacy when she finds her son being sexually abused…


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