As you cast your stone

I am sure every caring mother wants to believe the lesser evil that this girl here is not 12 , that she is not the daughter to this perverted sample of a man. We want to believe the version that she is 19 and she is the daughter of the wife’s sister. Still it is not right, I said it is the lesser evil.

Out of curiosity, I had to watch, knowing too well that I would wish to unsee it later, but facebook commenters made me. I am worried at this society where myriads of women type their number for someone to send them the clip and others open a group chat channel to share the video to all and sundry.

So, sadly (judge me not) I watched. The man was ready with his camera phone. He moved it where the girl was waiting. He placed the camera strategically, without alerting the young girl about its presence. He pulls her to him. She was reluctant. One could tell she had no choice to say NO. She probably had been ordered to get ready, something brusque like, “In five minutes, you should have undressed!” One can tell she still cares about her dignity, from the way she ties a bedsheet round her waist.

This is definitely not their first time! He makes it clear to her it is about him,typical of many men. His pleasure only. No one else’s. Foreplay is the last thing in his mind. She rides him because she has to. Not because she wants to. He grits his teeth, not in pain or anger but guilty pleasure!

She ,on the other hand submits to his every wanton desire. I wonder what he has over her. Does he pay her school fees? Does he house her? Or she could be doing it, because he has been the only father figure in her life and he guides her, like the ‘ good’ father he is.

The shameless man throws a rag at her and she wipes herself. She sits next to him, as he reminisces his actions. I wonder whether he regrets. Would he do it again? Is he sick of himself? She sits waiting for his next move. She is under his control. If he wants her again, I doubt she has a choice of turning him down. So she waits.

He wakes up and without her notice, picks his phone to jerk off later, or brag to his circle of friends. The nerve of the man! Wonder whether the act of recording the cladenstine activity could be his downfall! Or he could be delightful that the world can see his great conquer! Only him knows.

Those who have watched it have made comments. I have seen the craziest comments. “Stone the man! “That #@*$ should be cut off!” Another insane group of women says, “He should marry that girl!” “He is damn well endowed,he should have looked for me”, “I was horny watching the video!” Comments made by women. Then we get vexed by people who say we are our own enemies?

Nobody cares to know how the young girl is. Most certainly she was bewildered that a video of her bonking her uncle is doing rounds. Her friends have perhaps deserted her and could be ,they are watching the video over and over mocking her lack of manners. The man whom she performed the despicable carnal activity with, has no time for her. He is busy pleading with his outraged wife to forgive him.

I wonder what the wife is thinking. It must be darn embarrassing when your husband’s nudity is trending in every social site. He lost all respect for you woman. He does not care about you. He has humiliated you. I wonder what he has for an excuse, “It wasn’t me!” “It was Satan, Satan tempted me!” (Oh Please!!) or is he saying she seduced him! Are you going to fall for that? The decision is all upto you.

As for the little girl, someone reach out to her and tell her , it will be forgotten. Next week something else will be trending. People have done worse things and they are still alive as ever. This is your chance to better your life. It’s not your fault. Do not listen to the stonethrowers, they ain’t saints. It is not the end of life girl.

Truth is, none of us is perfect. We all have failed but we can still make right of our wrongs. We still can be our sister’s keeper. So as you cast your stone, remember you are a woman in a society where a rape victim is blamed for being raped, a defiled girl child is blamed for looking like an adult, where a mother is blamed for assuming her daughter is safe with her father.And the man comes out triumphantly like a conqueror! So cast that stone, but tomorrow it could be you, trending in all social channels!

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