Beating my husband’s girlfriends

Madam Bilha was not going to have it anymore. A brazen little twenty something year old hussy had the audacity to write abusive texts to her. She had seen many like her, young girls who wanted an easy way to affluence. The easy way was her husband, a business savvy fifty year old yet very gullible when it came to women.

Bilha did not know from which gutter Ernest dug this latest one. She was too bold to be cowed by Bilha’s warnings to leave Ernest alone. She was known as Bianca.

A week ago, Bilha’s informers had revealed to her that Ernest was now seeing a college drop out who lived in one of his rental houses rent-free. It was he that paid her bills too and he often went to visit her. She had bragged that she was going back to college soon because she had found a financier.

Bilha paid her a visit. The voluptuous woman usually scared Ernest’s girlfriends but not this one. To Bilha, the first visit usually was a warning, the next would be a thorough beating if the girl failed to dump Ernest.

Bianca, with her petite frame had dared Bilha to do as she wanted. Bilha left already planning when to come back and give that one a thrashing. But as she lay on her bed next to a snoring Ernest that evening, a text on her phone came through.

It was Bianca warning her never to come to her house again and throw cheap threats at her. Bilha bit her index finger. The stupid girl did not know who Bilha was. Bianca wrote another.

I am not leaving daddy any time soon. Ernest is mine. He has had enough of elephant meat. Let him taste some sweet deer. Go to hell pig!

She wanted to wake Ernest and report his mistress to him but she knew that he had been bewitched by the young woman’s beautiful crevice on her chest and the pair of juicy thighs. There is not much he would do.

Moreover, Bilha prefered if they dumped him so that he would come home to her, heartbroken, downcast and unwilling to say why he was forlorn. She would smile, happy that the beating had worked the magic of bringing her man back to her.

Bilha woke up early. She was surprised that Ernest was early too. He was staring at the mirror, scrutinising his head, plucking any grey strand he would find in his hair. She watched as he sprayed some cologne on his armpits, neck and loin area. Bilha smirked at the extra keenness he was giving to himself. He rarely did this.

He lied he had an important meeting and rushed out quickly without even taking breakfast. Thirty minutes later, her spy informed her that he had picked Bianca and they had left in his sparkling clean car. Ernest had ordered the errand boy to clean it thoroughly late in the previous night. Bilha now knew why.

Three hours later, Bilha was informed that her husband had dropped his mistress and left. Time to strike! She wore her black hood, tight jeans and sneakers. She felt like Rambo when she looked at the mirror. She did not stare for long because she felt a tinge of sadness. She had done this so many times. She wondered how many more times she would fight for her marriage. How many more times she would pay spies to find out her husband’s latest catch. Maybe it was her destiny.

Time to go, she told herself as she ran her heavy self down the stairs to the exit of her house. Madam Bilha laughed at Bianca who did not know that that was the last rendezvous she had enjoyed with her husband.

“I hope you enjoyed it girl! Because whatever is coming your way will make you wish you never set your eyes on the father of my children.” Bilha said wishing Bianca would get the mesaage telepathically.

She paid a motorbike that took her to Bianca’s place. She paid the bodaboda guy excitedly and rushed to Bianca’s flat. She knocked on the door. Bianca peeped through the window, saw her and smiled.

“I want us to talk, please open the door for me,” Madam Bilha deceptively said. She almost laughed at the little girl’s folly when she heard footsteps to the door. She looked at her, in her red short silk dress, her make up still in tact on her face, her hair all smart. The only thing she did not have on were the stilettos that sat on the doormat.

“We have nothing to talk about co-wife,” Bianca said glaring comtemptously at Madam Bilha from toe to head. “For your information, daddy had me for breakfast.” She said winking at Madam Bilha whose temper levels shot up to boiling point at the girl’s nerve.

Bianca did not see the slap landing on her face. Madam followed the slap by shoving the diminutive girl backwards into the house. Bianca fell down with a thud. Bilha kicked her on the stomach, once, twice but the third kick did not land on its intended place. Bianca firmly held on the plump leg of Madam Bilha and pushed it forcefully causing Bilha to land on the floor with a heavy thump and in the process, breaking Bianca’s glass coffee table.

“Yokuzuna, you just messed with the wrong one!” Bianca screamt as she sprang her agile self up then ran to kick her opponent.

“This is how we kick pig, kick like you know how to do it!” For every word was a kick on Bilha who was now squirming in pain. She tried Bianca’s techinique of holding on to her opponent’s leg but the girl was too swift. Madam Bilha felt every kick driving her to unconsciousness. She faintly heard someone shout, “Bianca will kill the landlord’s wife!” and she passed out.

She did not know where she was. Her eyes would not open, neither would any limb move. She heard sounds of sirens of ambulances and people chattering. She could not make sense of what they were saying but they seemed to move closer to her.

“The third week still in a coma? Will she ever wake up?”

“The doctors say they can’t tell. They have done everything they can to get her out of the coma.”

Madam Bilha knew them. It was her two closest friends.

“I just hope she becomes ok and learns her lesson. Ernest is untamable. She should just let him be. He might stop chasing after girls as he grows old.”

“I agree. This is just sad.”

Bilha heard as they changed the topic to a more interesting one. They chattered on until the nurse asked them to leave. After some hours her children came.

“If mum dies, I will never forgive her, how can she just die?” Her fourteen year old daughter Khloe said.

“She is not freaking dying! Stop being such a loudmouth!” The younger sister of nine said defensively. The two started to argue until the seventeen year old son stopped them.

“Hey stop this! Can’t you see that mum is sick? Get along for once!”

“Hey, don’t shout at us. We are not the ones who dumped you!” The teen girl said. Bilha was shocked at her children’s conversations. Her son had a girlfriend?

“Being dumped is better than messing the swimming pool with blood!” The boy said, directing it to Khloe. Bilha heard a sniffle and angry footsteps walk away.

“You are such a sick piece of shit!” Bilha could not believe that her nine year old innocent looking daughter was spitting such foul language. She wanted to wake up and do something about all these she was hearing but her mouth would not even open. She heard her husband come and call them.

” Where has Khloe disappeared to? Lilly , Rob, find her and then go to the hospital hotel and have your lunch. I will meet you there in a few. I need to talk to your mother’s doctor.” Bilha heard her children going away as they teased each other. Then the doctor and her husband started to discuss her condition. Ernest did not sound worried. Bilha only heard his “mmh” sounds as the doctor briefed him. Then his phone ringing ended the conversation. The doctor left.

“Bianca, this is not a good time please…what?..No!..Bianca I…” Bilha wished she could hear the other end of the phone. But she did not have to anymore.

“Yokozuna hasn’t woken up yet I see!” It was her, coming to taunt her even on her death bed.

“Don’t call my wife that! You should be happy I haven’t filed any charges yet!” Bilha was proud to hear her husband defend her.

“Why not? Do please. She is the one who came to my house. I only defended myself. She must have underestimated my small body. See what I did to this elephant!” Bianca said as she laughed diabolically.

“Get out!” Her husband said. Madam Bilha heard some struggle and silence. Then she heard her husband come back to her and pull a chair. All Bilha heard in the next ten minutes were frequent message tones. He was right there next to her chatting with someone else, a woman, most likely. Bilha knew he had moved to another catch.

Days later, she opened her eyes much to the joy of her children. Then she was able to move her hands and legs. A few days later she could utter some sounds. Progressively, she got better. She was discharged a month later.

Madam Bilha saw it as a second chance to change her life. She realised that even friends do not give such a hoot. Their lives will still go on no matter what. She made a decision to direct all her energy to being a good mother. Her son who was now becoming a man needed some advice on adulthood, the teenage daughter who was now having her menstrual cycle needed guidance into the journey of womanhood. The last born girl also had to stop hanging out with the wrong friends who taught her to speak disrespectfully.

As for Ernest, she would not divorce him. He was startled by her decison.

“I am not living the house because this will cause pain to the kids but do not worry, you have my blessings, you can do whatever you want. I will be sleeping in our guest room from now on. My priority will be the kids henceforth.” She said and kept her word.

Rob even introduced her to his new girlfriend. Khloe freely opened up to her about her insecurities and Lilly found a new friend in her mother. The children too made her realise that she had a great talent . She could sing so well! They encouraged her to compose songs and within a year she had her own album.

Ernest did not stop his philandering ways but Bilha had so much on her plate to even care. She was not going to fight for a dead marriage anymore. She had almost died the last time she did. And to live was her priority now, for her and her children.


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