Caught in the act with a Ben 10.

I was 55 , he was just 23. My husband actually called him ‘my son’. I prefered to call him by his name. Of course, I regret. I have blamed midlife crisis, I have blamed a boring marriage life and I have blamed my best friend but we all don’t like the truth,do we?

His family and ours lived just 200 metres apart from each other. His father and my husband became good friends so we had frequent dinners together,their place or ours. Consequently, his 15 year old son hit it off very quickly with my 16 year old son. They visited each other often. My 13 year old daughter became excited any time Richy was around.

Richy was born of an Australian mother and a Kenyan dad. He therefore attained those half caste features of curly soft hair, bluish eyes and very light skin. He was very amiable and knowledgable about vast issues.

For seven years, our friendship thrived until I messed it all up. The young man is very modest, he says he started it so he should be held accountable. I am a mother and I know if my son had what I had with an older mum, I would attribute every blame to her.

So here I was in the house alone having a long phone talk with Wendy, my best friend who was abroad. We intimated heavy stuff to each other, like I was complaining to her how I felt my marriage had become drab.

“Wendy are you serious? Ben 10,really?” I shockingly replied to her suggestion that I would make my life interesting by getting a younger man.

“Yea, he will excite you. Make you have something to long for.These young men, Olive, they are energetic and stirring! ” I laughed at my crazy friend’s recommendation.

“I would not even dare cheat on Victor my dear, especially with a younger man. Besides, who would want this old bod? The sexiness has worn out.” I said as I sipped a cup of coffee on the kitchen table.

“Look here Olive, we live once. Let’s have fun and not allow these old husbands bore our lives. And you should know you still have that stimulating aura around you girl.” Wendy continued. I objected to her suggestions and thought of changing the topic before she became too serious. Then I saw him, standing on the doorway. I hang up quickly and looked at him.

“Richy? What are you doing here?” I inquired a bit irritated by his lack of manners.

“I am sorry Madam Olive, I was looking for Chris. ” He replied politely. I had watched him grow from a chubby 15 year old teenager to a mature tall and strong young man.

” Oh, he left with his dad to buy some electronic, you could call him and ask him how long he thinks he will be away. ” I said.

“Ok. I will do that, thank you Madam Olive. ” He said as he walked away, then he paused and looked at me, “Today, you are looking very…nice Mama.” He said and disappeared before I reacted. I was embarrassed at how I had dressed. Wendy had woken me up from the bed with a phone call. I had not had time to change from my see through night dress. I ran from the kitchen quickly to dress myself up.

I could not help but stop at the mirror. My face went red at seeing what my son’s friend had seen. I was as good as nude. I wondered whether he had heard my conversation with Wendy. If he did , I thought, I hope he would not run his mouth to my son.

My husband and son came later at lunch time excited at the garage door opener they had bought. My daughter had a lot of assignments, she ate her lunch in her room. So I was left alone in the living room. I almost dozed off when my phone notified me of a message.

I am sorry if I was disrespectful. Richy.

I typed, erased, typed again,then erased. I did not know what was right to reply. Then I settled for this:

You were not disrespectful so you don’t have to be sorry. By the way, your friend is here.

He replied,

Ok. Coming over to see him. But you were actually looking lit today. I was like Dayuuum! Victor is lucky to have a babe like you.

I read his reply once ,then again. My eyes were popping. I was shocked.

“What now? You mad?” For the second time, Richy was standing on the doorway staring at me with his cute bluish eyes.

“Richy. I don’t know what is eating you but I think you should…” He stopped me by placing his index finger on my lips. He had moved very close to me. I could here his breath so near me.

“I have always wanted to tell you how hot you are. When I heard you shaming your sexy body with your friend on phone, I thought it’s only fair I tell you the truth. ” He was about to whisper something else when we heard approaching voices. We stepped back quickly away from each other.

Victor, my husband’s voice thundered happily, “Oh my son, you are already here? Chris tells me you were the one who gave him the idea of the garage door opener. Isn’t that wise of him, Olive? ” He asked me and I quickly nodded avoiding all their eyes, pretentiously watching the television.

“Well, I will be glad to see it and how you guys fixed it.” Richy said saving the awkward moment. He and Chris left as my husband sank to his chair to spend the rest of the evening watching TV. That was how we spend most of the Saturdays. My evening that day was full of thoughts. I kept touching my lips to confirm that he had not left his finger there. I could still feel it.

As we retired to bed, Richy sent another text.

Gnyt hotty!

I found myself smiling. Victor looked at me from the covers and I quickly deleted the texts. He fell asleep quickly as I struggled to push away the day memories away.

The next couple of days made me feel like a twenty one year old again. Richy pursued me, he would wink at me when nobody was around or lick his lips ogling my body, he wrote naughty texts that made me blush all day, or sometimes lightly spank my behind. Then there was the thrill of almost being caught. This is what makes an affair so thrilling.

By the time I threw caution to the wind, my life was on fire. I changed my dress code , I now did make up, I changed my sitting styles, walking styles. I watched movies and went out more, I googled more and learned how to upload photos on social media. I had an account on all popular social sites.

But it did not last for long. One fateful Tuesday, Richy came when we were sure everyone was out.

“No,stop, not here in the bathroom!” I said as he continued undressing. When I saw the brawny body all bare and inviting, I knew could not throw away the chance for another explosive steamy session.

And boy was it fiery! Richy had the robustness of a lion, the exploration of a tourist and the agility of a snake. We decided to cool off with a glass of juice at the kitchen.Then we met someone at the door. He saw us, dressed in towels, all hanky panky.

“Chris!” I called out to my son who pulled away quickly from my grip and ran outside. Then we heard angry voices and ran to them. Chris had met his flustered sister on the way to the house. He was angrily warning her not to set foot in the house and she was being stubborn. When she set eyes on us, she shook her head in disbelief. They both left the house.

Richy placed his hand on my shoulder that I quickly brushed off. Sense had come back to me. I ordered him to leave as I cried over the plight I had caused. I had hurt my children by cheating on their father with my son’s best friend and my daughter’s crush. I knew it was the end of me.

My children are of a different kind. They did not tell their father nor did they tell any other person. Yet, the dose they gave me was worse. They carried on with their work as if I did not exist. During dinner time, we would eat together but they refused to hold my hand while we prayed. They asked their father to stay out of this. He was better off in the dark, they insisted. I tried to catch their attention and promised to do anything for them to know how sorry I was to them.

“Nothing mum, there is nothing you can do to make this better. I hate you! ” It was my daughter as her brother looked on agreeing to her every word.

I could not believe I had lost my children because of my stupid chase of excitement. I became sick. Literally. My body lost all vitality, I was weak, I had not eaten for so many days, down I fell. They found me in the kitchen unconscious. I found myself in the hospital.

My husband was standing by my hospital bed holding my hand. My daughter was silently sobbing , blaming herself . My son was seated on the bed, holding his head with his hands, visibly shaken.

“Victor!” I said weakly. My children hurried to me and almost cheered at my voice.

” Mum, we thought you would die. The doctor said your case was serious!” My daughter said tears in her eyes.

Victor went to call the doctor to inform him of my wakening.

“Mum, we are so sorry. We don’t want to lose you. We forgive and forget. No one is perfect so we cannot cast stones at you. We love you so much mum.” My son said and for the first time since he was a little boy, his voice weakened and tears rolled down his cheeks. When Victor came in , he joined in the group hug. I realised how much I would have lost by chasing ‘fun’. Family is the real fun.