Charlie Charlie game

The latest challenge in town, taking the internet by a supernatural storm.

What the game is all about.

This game involves demonic incarnation. The name Charlie is apparently a demon conjured to answer questions. Charlie is said to have been either a 9 year old boy who died in a car wreck and his death hasn’t stopped him from communicating to the living world, or a Mexican deity.

Who plays it?

Pre-teens,teens and youth. Numerous videos are circulating of teenagers starting the game and suddenly screaming , running out of the room when the magic happens.

How is it played?

Teens are playing this game by crossing two pens or pencils to create a grid with sectors labelled “yes” and “no” ,like this 👇and then asking questions to Charlie.

The first question everyone asks by speaking into the pencils is “Can we play?” or “Are you here?” or “Are you there?”

Charlie answers by moving a pencil to point at one of four answers written on a sheet of paper. 

Why teenagers shouldn’t play it.

Although social media challenges are meant to keep boredom at bay, not all challenges are to be embraced.

The previous challenge that almost all of us enjoyed is The Jerusalema Challenge. There was good in it, from all the choreographic moves people learnt singing along the gospel song. The exercise and social fun was healthy.

The Charlie Charlie game on the other hand is clearly satanic and even its origin is unclear.

The fact that one is seeking supernatural answers about one’s life is something to reflect upon.

If you believe in the Holy Scriptures, then you wouldn’t want to play the game because you know that Satan is real.

The fact that this game looks too simple to play, with readily available materials (pencils and paper) should tell you that the devil seeks to ‘devour’ (1Peter5) the innocent souls.

Charlie Charlie is not just a harmless game. It is a spiritually harmful game!

The Islamic Community has also condemned the game, as it may release demonic elements (jinn), causing the individuals who play the game to become possessed by demons.

Islamic leaders are therefore urging the community to avoid this challenge and seek protection from Allah, the Creator.


Whether one is a spiritual person or not, how you rush to succumb to peer pressure displays one’s need for approval from others. Be independent.

There are invitations to challenges that one doesn’t have to accept even though all your peers or role models are into it. The ability to say NO makes you stand out as unique and strong.

While the euphoria of Charlie Charlie might disappear, chances are it will be back again.(this is not it’s first time anyway)

Moreover, the future is open to both good and evil so more challenges will come , some offering a breath of fresh air while others may be harmful either spiritually, physically, or mentally.

The decision to take the challenge is yours but beware, every choice has its consequences.

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