Common Stains Removal Tips

Your baby just ate all her friuts but her tshirt looks so dirty and you are wondering how to get those fruit stains off. Or hubby is always complaining of the yellow colour in the armpits of his shirts . Your son’s white school socks don’t look so white anymore! And then this rust stain on your favorite skirt!

You don’t have to buy expensive stain removers  when you could easily do it at home. Here are a few tips of how you can get some of those common stains out.

1. Sweat

Use a few teaspoons of baking soda and make a paste with some water. Apply on the stain and let it stay for one hour then wash the stained part with warm water.

Lemon juice can also help. Soak the stain in a mixture of lemon juice and water and let it dry then wash off.

2. Tomato Sauce

Pour a few drops of white vinegar and then wash the fabric with normal soap. The stain should then come out easily.

3. Fruit stains

Rub a lemon on the stain, pressing the juice out it to soak the stained part. Let it sit for five minutes and then wash the fabric as usual. You can also use vinegar.

4. Blood

Soak the affected area in cold salty water. Do not use hot water on a blood stain. If the stain is too bloody, pour some hydrogen peroxide and soak in cold water then wash normally.


Boil a small amount of milk and sprinkle it on the stain. Dab a little Colgate (don’t use gel toothpaste like Close-up) over the affected ‘milky’ area and brush with a toothbrush gently. Wash off with soap. Repeat if necessary.

Ball point ink

Soak the stained part in milk or rub glycerine and let it wait for about thirty minutes then wash.

6. Coffee or Tea

Soak stain with vinegar before washing it.


Pour vinegar on the stain, dab the stain with a piece of cloth. Place the stain in direct sunlight where it should start fading. Then wash the clothe as usual.

Sprinkle the affected area with salt, rub lemon juice on it, place the clothe in direct sunlight and keep moistening the stain regularly with the lemon juice until the stain fades away then wash.


Soak the stained part in white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide for around an hour then wash as you would normally.

9.Candle Wax

Freeze the clothe and take the wax off or

Cover the part with a paper towel on each side of the fabric and iron it on low heat.


Rub some baby wipes on the stain until the stain disappears.


Soak a small piece of cloth in surgical spirit then use it to dab the the stain for about a minute. Then wash it as usual.

11.Cooking oil

Apply several drops of dish soap on the stain then pour baking soda and rub them to a paste with a toothbrush. Let it sit for an hour then wash with hot water.

12. Paint

Water based paint can easily be washed off with detergent and lightly brushing it off.

For Oil based paint, moisten a clean piece of clothe with a little paint thinner (like turpentine) then blot the stain. Keep doing this as you move the clothe to cleaner areas until the stain disappears.

You can aso use nail polish remover or surgical spirit.

13.Dirt on white socks

If you would wish your white soaks to go back to the sparkling white they were when you bought them, pour some vinegar in a cup of water, soak the sock for about an hour then wash.

There you go now, those are the common stains removal techniques.

NB :Vinegar is readily available in supermarkets . Local chemists will sell to you Hydrogen peroxide and/or Surgical spirit.

Have a great Tuesday!

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