Divorce at your own risk PART 2

Starting a new life is not easy and it wasn’t easy for Linet either. Yet, she did not expect life to favour her as it did.

When she received the invitation card of her ex-husband’s wedding, she thought she would feel envy or pain but none of those emotions took over her. Instead, she felt relieved that her ex-husband had finally let go of her.

“So will you attend?” Her employer and friend asked.

“You know what Talia, I am over him and apparently, so has he. He has moved on. I will attend my ex-husband’s wedding.” Linet answered.

“Good. Why don’t you go with a date, a hot snack of a man, a sexy thing…eeee!” Her friend excitedly suggested to Linet who only found the comment ridiculous.

“Doc, I am over 50, I have no time for that balderdash!”

“Well, I could find someone for you, if you want. Someone to make that ex so jealous he will choke on the wedding cake.” Her friend said winking suggestively at Linet who laughed at the idea that seemed more ludicrous the more it was said.

Talia walked away throwing another wink at her friend. Linet shook her head amused at the proposal her buddy offered. Though she did not agree with everything Talia said, she did adore her.

It was Talia that stood by her when everything else was falling apart around her. Her recovery after the myomectomy would not have been as smooth were it not for Dr. Talia.

Now Linet was working as her receptionist, a job her ex-husband would never have allowed her to have. Linet pitied the new woman in his life. She knew that her ex-husband would never change his controlling ways.

A call interrupted Linet and one look at the caller’s name sent her to a place she loathed to remember. It was the chairlady of the chama that had banished her from the group so disrespectfully and brazenly.

“Hello.” Linet coldly answered the call.

“Lineeet! Hi dear, how are you doing my dear?” The woman said. Linet rolled her eyes, amazed at how hypocritical human beings can be.

“What do you want from me Mrs Samuel?” An agitated Linet asked.

“I have something urgent to talk to you about. Please let’s meet at The Eateries Place at six o’clock, please. It could benefit you too!” The woman said sounding desperate. This heightened Linet’s curiosity, so she agreed to meet the woman who had humiliated her so unpleasantly.

She did not want to look anxious to meet her so she delayed and arrived an hour late. Linet almost turned back when she saw that the chairlady was accompanied by the chama’s treasurer, the woman who she had been in cahoots with, in embarrassing her.

“Linet, please. Just hear us.” The treasurer beseeched, her face begging like a child for candy. She sat down and saw them sigh in relief when she agreed to listen to them. They glanced at each other, as if urging each other to talk to Linet.

Finally, the chairlady cleared her throat and avoiding to meet Linet’s eyes, she spoke.

“First of all, Linet, we are so sorry. We should not have treated you like we did. Please forgive us.”

Linet had an apathetic look on her countenance. She knew they had not called her to apologise and she was no fish to fall for their bait. They looked at her, anticipating her reply.

“Ehe, go on.What is it you want from me?” Linet asked and the two fidgeted in their seats, as if scared to answer that question.

“Let the treasurer tell you that.” The chairlady said and the treasurer threw a shocked questioning look at her, as if asking her why she had thrown her under the bus.

“Ehe, Mrs Kim, what is it?” Linet inquired.

She took a deep long breath and found her words.

“Linet, we are begging you to come back to the chama.” As she said those words, Linet smiled disparagingly.

“Linet, please listen. We have found a banking institute that is ready to loan us a very big sum of money and one of its requirements is that at least four of the members should have been active for more than five years. Most of the members we have, have only been there for two or three years except for Mrs Sam , Mrs Honi and I. You are the one to complete the puzzle.

If you agree to come back, we will pay back the money we refunded you and pay for you the outstanding amount of the months you have not contributed. “

Linet’s smug widened. She had never heard anything so ridiculous. She saw the imploring faces of the two women. She remembered the walk of shame as women ululated and hi-fived each other when these two women expelled her from a chama she had invested so much in. No, there was no way she would go back to it. Besides, she had already been introduced to another chama by Talia that had more friendlier and supportive women.

Linet rose up, feeling angry that the two women had opened a wound that had already healed.

“No, you were very clear when you vomited me out of your group that I should only come back when I get back with my ex-husband and that hasn’t happened yet. So let’s wait and see how it goes. And please, stop behaving like dogs that puke and go back to eat up their vomit.” She rose and walked out of the hotel.

“The mighty also fall to their knees!” She said to herself and laughed hard. Passers-by smiled at her, unsure if she was sane. But Linet nevet let anyone stop her from being happy.

Then, too eager to divert her thoughts, she realised that her daughter had not visited recently. She called her and discovered that the upcoming wedding preparations had distracted her.

“Mum, let me come for a sleep-over tonight and tell you all about it.” She said and Linet happily agreed.

After months of tantrums, tricks and threats she had finally come to terms that her mother would never go back to her father. Her brothers had also talked to her a lot to accept that their parents had gone seperate ways.

“Mum, you should also have a wedding so that I can be a bridesmaid in two weddings already!” Linet’s daughter exclaimed as she made a cup of tea while her mother waited in the living room.

“Me? An old woman like me? Our society is very discriminative sweetheart. Your dad can remarry and no one will raise an eyebrow but if I did, I will be called all sort of names.”

“No mum, that’s not true, things are changing nowadays. So, will you come to dad’s wedding?”

“You know what sweetheart, I will, just to see you in that off shoulder maroon bridesmaid dress that you keep talking about.”

They both laughed and continued to chat about many other things.

When the day did reach, Linet clad in a blue , knee length dress that had buttons from the top to the bottom. Her peep toe wedges matched her dress. She looked at the mirror and was pleased at what she saw. Her hair, was pulled back to a neat bun and the make up was simple but fleek. The expected knock on the door came just in time. She took one last look at the mirror and ran to the door.

“Oh My God, you look twenty years younger dear. Eeish!” Talia exclaimed, herself in the usual dreadlocks, a black dress and flat black shoes.

“I think I am too much. I should change to something more unnoticeable.” Linet said nervously.

Talia pulled back her friend. “No you will not. You are perfect!” She looked at her wristwatch and expressed a surprised look. “Let’s go dear, it’s already eleven. I want to see your co-wife walking down the aisle to a supposed heaven!”

Linet laughed at the sarcasm as they drove to the church.

Talia’s wish was answered. They watched her , with a sad smile walking cautiously to her husband-to-be.

He looked at her not eagerly but more like acerbated. Linet knew that look spelt trouble. Suddenly, unable to hold his patience any more, he met his bride halfway, held her hand and walked her hastily, to the surprised Reverend who got the cue and started the ceremony immediately.

The congregants exchanged stunned looks but were quickly interrupted by the Reverend’s thunderous voice.

The rest of the church proceedings progressed well but another funny scene happened at the reception.

It was time to gift the newly weds. They were standing in front of the dais and he was smiling at the guests when he saw Linet approaching them with a gift.

His gaze fixed on his ex-wife. Seeing this, the new wife, turned his cheek to her and smiled sweetly at him, as if telling him that she was still there.

“Go and sit down.” He ordered the new wife and the bride obeyed without question.

Linet was confused. She knew meeting him alone would cause a ruckus. She wanted to go back when a tall, dark, good looking man , possibly in his sixties came to her side, put a hand across her shoulders and urged her to move on. He was the first to congratulate an astounded Linet’s ex-husband. Linet did the same and noticed that her ex-husband was intimidated by the stranger beside her.

The stranger held Linet again by the shoulder and walked her back to her seat next to Talia.

“Thank you dear. I owe you.” Talia said to him.

“I enjoyed it!” He said smiling at Linet. He left to a seat at the back and an excited girl of about five jumped to him excitedly.

“Who is that guy?” Linet asked.

“I will tell you later.Meanwhile, your ex-husband has joined his red-faced wife but can’t keep his eyes off you. Look at him.” Talia said.

“Something else, don’t look now, the two women on the left behind us can’t stop talking about how lovely you look since you left your husband.” Talia whispered.

Linet discreetly glanced at them and was shocked that those two had good things to say about her. They had called her a fool for leaving her ex-husband.

Linet’s presence was a distraction for the groom. She decided they should leave early. Talia waved at the good looking man who rose up quickly and followed them with the young girl in tow. As Talia and Linet got in their car, the man entered his too and the two cars honked at each other and went separate ways.

“That is Dr Gian and his granddaughter. His wife died three years ago. He told me his granddaughter loves weddings so when he heard I was going to one, he promosed to gatecrush with her. When he saw you in church, he was smitten. I asked him to accompany you to present the gift to your ex-husband and he was elated!”

Linet saw the wink and the naughty look on her friend’s face and laughed.

Two years later, Linet was planning her wedding to Dr Gian. She would have had the wedding five months ago but she had postponed it to mourn her daughter’s stepmother, who had succumbed to high blood pressure.

“I hate to say it dear, but were it not for your bold move to get out of that toxic marriage, it would be you we would be mourning.” Talia said and immediately regretted when she remembered that Linet’s daughter was around.

“You are right doc, I have matured now. I see things in a more objective way nowadays. He is my father but he killed my step mum. He controlled her like a commander in a military. I admire mum for walking away after twenty five years .” Linet’s daughter said.

“Fortunately, I did not lose my children and I gained a loyal best friend.” An emotional Linet said looking on at the women who mattered most in her life.

“And you are even gaining a hot snack of a man called Dr Gian for the rest of you life. Mm..mm..mm” Dr Talia said licking her lips and the three women broke into a guffaw of laughter.

-The End-


  1. It’s high time women made their well being a priority. The society judges women harshly and so it’s up to you as a woman to choose what suits you.

  2. There is do much abuse in marriages nowadays. Name it…physical, emotional, monetary. In a misguided thought of submissiveness. Glad that Linet had a happy ending.

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