First year, first party and first time sex

Chantel’s dream had come true. All the toiling in high school had finally paid off. The streets of the university gave her an ecstatic feeling that she had never felt in her life. She had heard about campus life where hedonistic highbrows pursued pleasure and education in equal measure.

Chantel planned to have the best time of her university life, to celebrate an independent life, away from the hawkish scrutiny of her parents.The freedom she experienced was an awesome feeling.

She hated when her nagging parents pestered her now and then, asking how she was, whether she was behaving like the good Christian girl she was. She was good at pulling wool over her parents’ eyes.

“Sorry mum, I have been busy today. They invited me to join the CU club so we have been enjoying some Godly fellowship.” She told her parents who had kept calling her but to no avail until she called them late in the evening.

Chantel rolled her eyes as her parents went ahead with their gibbering on how she should conduct herself while in university. She would ocassionally put the phone away from her ear and pull her lips to a noisy sneer.

“Thank you mum and dad. I have to sleep now. It’s another busy day tomorrow.” She lied to her parents and hang up. They had no idea that their daughter was like a caged lion that had been unleashed.

Chantel breathed a sigh of relief when the call came to an end. Her two roommates, also freshers, had eavesdropped on Chantel’s conversation with her parents.

“What? Don’t look at me that way! You don’t know my story.” She said when she noticed the disapproving look they gave her.

“Tell us your story,” Riana dared Chantel as she sat on the bed ready to listen to Chantel defend herself.

Chantel watched the two. Riana looked like a fun girl to talk to. During the day, Riana had worn a revealing blouse top that could have exposed her breasts were it not for the black bra inside. Chantel had also liked her close fitting rugged jeans. Riana had class and Chantel loved that.

The other room mate, Hanna, was everything that her parents would have wanted her to be. She had not changed from her long dress and was now sitting on her bed, joting down something from her Bible.

“My parents have imprisoned me for far too long!” Chantel said, addressing Riana because Hanna seemed uninterested.

“What, like a jail?” Riana asked shocked.

“No, well, no and yes!” Chantel answered, her mind reminiscing her life back then at home.

“What do you mean no and yes?” Riana enquired.

“I wish I could find a better word than overprotective. This is the first time in my life that I am not under my parents’ strict watch. Ever since I can remember, whenever I turn my back, one of my parents is breathing behind my neck, watching over me.” Chantel said , anger starting to boil in her.

“I attended a girls only school right from primary to secondary school.” Chantel said.

Riana burst out laughing. “Are you serious, never been in a mixed school?”

“Nope. It gets worse. Every single day, my mother would without fail take me to school in the morning and pick me up on time in the evening. When she could not make it, dad would be there.”

“Wawawa! Girl! You had it rough then. How about the weekends and the holidays?” Riana asked.

“My mornings on Saturdays were spent on books and then mother would accompany me to the church for choir practice. Do I need to tell you where I spent all my day on Sunday?” Chantel asked a bewildered Riana.

“Noo! Whole day in church?” Riana asked and Chantel nodded and the former broke into a long guffaw. “Ok. Church is good, but whole day? Really? Infact you actually spent all your weekend in church. Ouch! What a life! Aha, holidays? “

“I spent many hours in the house studying. I was not allowed to get out of the house. I was not even allowed to meet friends. My parents reasoned that they would negatively influence me. If both my parents needed to be out, then they would find someone to watch over me. Imagine, a big girl like me being baby sitted.” Riana said bitterly.

“I am guessing no boyfriend either?” Riana curiously asked.

Chantel remembered the shamba boy she had been infatuated with. Her parents had trusted the young man because of his pious attitude. She had longed for the opposite gender’s company and Kev was the only one around. She would try to talk to him whenever she had a chance but he was too scared for he had been warned.

One day, the parents were away and the nanny failed to come. She was seventeen years then. Chantel noting her opportunity ran to the shamba boy’s quarters to meet her crush. She did not knock on his door. She met him, stark nude preparing to go and take a bath.

The sight of a naked man made Chantel’s blood run hot in her veins. He was built like a brick shithouse, broad square shouders, a hairy packed chest and long muscular legs. But what made her heart throb faster was the long, thick and dark manhood that hang between his legs. She felt enchanted, and stood rooted to the ground. Then the shrill of her mother’s call awoke them too from their desirous stupor.

Chantel jumped from Kevin’s house and saw her mother who ran towards her.

“What were you doing in the shamba boy’s house?” She asked and stormed in the young man’s house and found him dressing in panic. Her mother started to run back to the house shouting threats and curses. By the time she came back holding a machete, Kevin had escaped. Since then , Chantel’s leash on her by her parents tightened. That was the closest thing to a boyfriend she ever had.

“Hallooo!” Riana called out. “I asked you a question about boys and you drifted miles away?”

“Let’s just say, my parents have always been very clear that any interaction with a boy is offensive, immoral, inappropriate, wrong and all the negative words you can find. I am pretty sure that if there was a female university somewhere near home, they would have me enrolled there.”

“That is where parents go wrong. The sex education talk given to you was not right.” Hanna finally spoke. She had been listening all along. Her Bible and notebook were now closed and she was now dressing up ready for bed. “Even God gave Adam and Eve freedom to choose good and bad after warning them on the do’s and don’ts of living in His garden.”

Chantel let out a triumphant yell. Even devout Hanna could see that her parents had been overbearing. But the joy did not last for long, “But that does not give you the right to deceive them.” Hanna said conclusively and covered herself under the sheets.

Riana and Chantel exchanged amused looks and chuckled.

As Chantel was about to retire to bed too, a brochure was slipped through, under the closed door. It was a invitation to a freshers welcome party. It would be on the coming Friday. Chantel was in seventh heaven, eager to attend a party for the first time in her life.

“Well, are you going because I am?” Chantel asked her new found friend.

“Like hell I am! I am a bash smasher! Ain’t no party without Riana!” The two had a good laugh and retired to bed.

Chantel was having the time of her life in campus. She was talking to boys, attending class with them, laughing and joking with them wondering why her parents had been so mean to her. She made friends even with second year, third year and fourth year male students.

When Friday finally reached, Chantel and Riana arrived at the club in time, dressed to kill.

Chantel was amazed by the many lights of different colours and the loud music that boomed from every corner of the club. Older campus girls seemed to compete who wore skimpier. The two were served with drinks in plastic cups that Riana called ‘punch’.

Chantel had never tasted something so bitter but she was determined to fit in. Then her friend disappeared. She was left alone then she saw a group of five to six male students seated round a table. She knew one of them and he beckoned her to join them.

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She felt proud to be in the company of fourth year students while freshers mingled among themselves. Wanting to look sophisticated, she laughed at the jokes even when she failed to grasp their tickle and when the six elegantly dressed males mocked other students, she claimed her ribs were breaking due to laughter.

They offered a different drink, a drink for the sassy, they said and she readily accepted wanting to prove her sassiness. Then she started to feel dizzy. She wanted to find her friend Riana but her body failed her.

She felt somebody lift her up. She tried to kick but her legs were too feeble. She could not scream either. She thought the man put her in bed. She saw silhouettes of more people getting in the room. They were taking off their clothes while some were undressing her. No, she did not want her first time to be this way.

There were hands all over her naked body, someone was biting her ears, another was biting her nipple while pinching the other and fingers were probing her. Then she felt her legs being spread. She tried to resist but she was too frail. Then she felt an excruciating pain penetrating inside her. As she lay comatose with a stranger having sex with her she could tell others were watching. Then the first man was done and another took his turn, then another. She was getting weaker by the minute and and she thought she was dying when she fell into a deep unconscious state.

She was in her bed, at home when she woke up. No, she thought, dead would have been better, with Satan and his inferno. Her mother appeared on the door and came to her. Chantel knew she would be slapped to death, where she yearned to be but her mother only held Chantel’s hand and looked at her with tears in her eyes but smiling.

“We thought we lost you. Six days in hospital and three here.” Her mother said. Then her father came in curious to see who his wife was speaking to. He sat at the far edge of the bed and looked away. He did not know how to define his emotions.

“Mum, dad, I am so sorry.” Chantel managed to say. The father stood and stormed out in a huff. Chantel knew she had disappointed her parents. Her mother patted her daughter’s hands and ran after her husband. He was in the living room panting in ire, tears streaming from his eyes.

“I want to search for the gang of rapists and kill them one by one.” He said putting his tightly closed fists together.

“Let us just let the police do their work Baba Chantel.” Chantel’s mother replied.

She shared her husband’s pain too, probably much more being the mother but she knew they were to blame as much. They had been too overprotective of their daughter. They had treated her like a small girl even when she had grown up and failed to equip her with the necessary armory to face life.

Chantel was like an overgrown puppy, which had not been trained to bark or whiff danger. They had thrown her to the wolves and expected her to survive in the jungle full of egocentric and gluttonous debauchers.

The consequences of their parenting were unpleasant and horrid. Chantel was lucky to be alive after the deadly drug ingestion and the horrendous gang rape. If only she had not been so keen in her pursuit of self-indulgence. They all, had learnt their lesson the hard way.

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