Good men exist

Never underestimate the love of a man for his wife. Albeit not all men appreciate their wives, some are extremely loyal, even faithful. Evans revealed this to Perpetuah in the most appalling way.

Perpetuah is not Evans’ wife. She would have wanted to be , but he was taken. Perpetuah never understood what Evans saw in her best friend Magdalene. Magdalene was no where nigh to pretty. She had a protruding forehead while her face was a map of blackspots.

Unlike Perpetuah who had an hour glass figure, Magdalene had a big torso, fat hands , large bosom and a Michellin tyre like stomach. She did not have a backside and her legs were unproportionally plump. She walked as if she would tumble anytime.

Perpetuah herself was married to a man with a roving eye. She complained all the time to her friend Magadalene who would genuinely console her. She had a heart of gold, Magdalene. She would drop everything and rush to Perpetuah’s calls of distress.

“I am so sorry Perpetuah, I just pray that one day he will stop this fickle behaviour.” Magdalene would say as Perpetuah placed her head on Magdalene’s elephantine bust. She wondered whether Evans loved that chest that bulky. She wondered why it was not Evans with the adulterous conduct.

“Thank you Magda, thanks for always being there for me.”

“Do not thank me Perpetuah, I am doing my job as a best friend. I know you would do the same for me. ” Magda said as she opened her stout hands to her friend for another hug. Perpetuah took the offer , though unwillingly, she had breathed enough perspiration.

Magda left Perpetuah when she was sure that her friend was feeling much better. She loved Perpetuah like a small sister. She remembered the first time they had met. Perpetuah had a boutique then. Magda was shopping for her clothes. Her cloth size was rare in most boutiques. She thought Perpetuah’s boutique was God sent when she found a variety of her clothes her taste and size. The two begun a blossoming friendship from that day.

Magda arrived home from Perpetuah’ s house late in the evening. Her husband had arrived from work. He had made himself a hot cup of black coffee from the water dispenser . She knew he was upset.

“I am soo sorry Evans, I am late! Perpetuah had another crisis. She was dejected ,I tell you. I just had to be there to encourage her.” She told her husband, sincere concern emanating from her tone.

“It’s all right. I am just not used to meet a quiet home without the teasing aroma of something cooking in the kitchen.” He smiled at her. “By the way, I went to pay for the kids’school trip and Godfrey says that when he closes school, he would love to meet some pizza waiting for him. Claire wants a marble cake.”

“Oh My!” Magda said, placing her hands on her waist “I miss them so much. I guess I have a huge task awaiting me on 31st March!”

“No, they changed the closing date for the boarders,they will be coming home on 30th!

Magda broke into a dance. Evans could not help but laugh. Shaking his head in amusement, he went to the living room to watch the 9 o’clock news which he never missed. His wife went to the kitchen to quickly prepare something for dinner. She was humming happily when her phone rang. It was Perpetuah.

She was crying. Her husband had chased her out of the house. He was accusing her of cheating. He would not let her in to pick some clothes and some money. Fortunately, she had her phone in her pocket. Magda was disconcerted. She still had not cooked a meal for her husband and her best friend was crying for help.

“Perpetuah, just stay near the gate under the lights I will come get you.” She said as she ran to Evans to explain the emergency.

” So when she comes today,how long will she be with us?” He was irritated.

“I don’t know Baba Claire,what matters is we help her now! ”

He was silent for a moment, then he asked a question that Magda thought absurd. “Are you sure about this?”

“Of course! Perpetuah is my best friend dear.” He was in deep thought for another moment then he nodded his approval. She gave him a quick peck and left to rescue her friend.

Pepetuah’s stay at the home of Evans and Magdalene was a vacay for her. She slept to the late hours of the morning and would only be seen during meal times. Her friend attributed the behaviour to her broken marriage. The one thing she did not notice was Perpetuah’s special interest in the 9 o’clock news.

On one particular evening, Magdalene was feeling extremely fatigued. She had taken her cleaning to an extra notch in readiness for her children’s arrival the following week. She begged to leave early. This was an answered prayer for Perpetuah. It was just her and Evans.

She started to whimper. Evans’s eyes were glued to the television. She did it louder. He muted the TV. He was not happy at the interruption.

“What is it?” He asked

“I just miss my husband,” She was wiping her flowing tears. Evans was silent. He did not know what to say.

“I just wish Matt was a good husband like you are to Magda. ” He watched the inaudible ongoings on the television, fidgeting anxiously, glancing at the remote often, as if wishing it would unmute itself to his delight.

“I mean, how does my husband leave a body like this!” She said, opening her woollen robe to display a short silk lingerie that half exposed her body. Evans jumped up in shock. He stared at his wife’s best friend and saw lust in her eyes.

“What? Never seen such beauty?” She asked as she pulled the robe out, opening her legs slightly. Evans glimpsed at the stairway. He wondered what his wife would make of this. Perpetuah rose from the sofa and walked to him. She held the strings of her lingerie on her shoulder and pulled them down. She was stark nude. Evans swallowed hard. He took some steps behind and looked away.

“Stop this, now!” He said between gritted teeth. She ignored his plea. She smiled and walked to him.

“C’mon,I know you want some of this… away from that chubby chunk of fat that is snoring up there!” She said and suddenly grabbed his crotch. A perturbed and angry Evans knocked her hand off with the remote he was still holding.

“Ouch!” She screamt looking at her throbbing hand.

“That is my dear wife you are insulting! The most hardworking, loving and caring woman I have ever seen! The mother to my kids! ” Evans said breathing furiously doing his best not to look at her. He then walked to where she had sat, took the robe and threw it at her.

“Dress up,because you will be spending your night in the cold!” He walked to the door and pulled it open.

“I will count to five. If you do not get yourself out, I will throw you out myself.” He spoke slowly and clearly, as if he wanted every word he uttered to sink in,so that she would know that he meant every utterance he spoke. She got the message loud and clear. She wore back her robe,picked her inner gown and frighteningly walked to the door.

Evans banged the door behind her, switched the television off and took the stairs up to the bedroom. He was relieved his wife was still sound asleep. He would explain to her about her friend the next morning. He hoped she would believe her.

Little did he know that she had heard it all. She pretended to snore but her emotions were scattered. She did not believe that Perpetuah would do this to her. She was heartbroken. On the other hand, she was impassioned by her husband’s loyalty.

When they woke up the following day, there was no sign of Perpetuah. She was not in the compound too. He met his wife in the kitchen.

“There is something I need to tell you…” She stopped him with a finger on his lips.

“I know. She is gone. I saw her out of the compound myself.” She kissed his neck and welcomed him for breakfast. She stared at him adoringly. She was still recovering from the previous day shock. She wondered why he would reject a sex goddess like Perpetuah while they actually had a boring sex life. He met her eyes and seemed to read her mind.

“I could have done it if I wanted to, but I did not. I am married to the mother of my kids. Kids who see me as a mentor. A wife who thinks the world of me. Not all men are led by the other head you know. Some stop to think of the consequences. I am that kind. For the sake of you and our kids.”

Her tears were pouring. She smiled at him and mouthed an inaudible, “Thank you!”


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