He did not propose.

Sarah did not plan to be a single mum. She did not plan to give her son her middle name. She had planned to have a picture perfect family:a tall handsome man for a husband ,with their two children, a boy and girl. But as fate would have it, the husband was absent,so was the daughter. It was just Sarah and her son.

This is Sarah’s story.

She was working as an insurance agent with her colleague moving from office to office searching for interested persons to buy insurance. That day had not been fruitful. The people they talked to were either already insured, doubtful or just dismissive for no reason.

Then as she left this law office, she bumped into Philip. He was quick to apologise.

“It’s ok, it was our fault.” Faith said as Sarah nodded in agreement.

“May I ask to what does our office owe the pleasure of this nice visit! Were our boys good to you?” He asked.

Faith’s phone rang. It was their boss calling. She left Sarah to Philip.

“We are selling insurance to any interested person. I am Sarah and my partner is Faith.” Sarah said extending her hand to him.

“Oh really?How lucky am I? My car insurance is actually expiring today. I have been so busy I haven’t been able to go and renew mine.”

Sarah’s eyes lit up. She grabbed the opportunity to change his insurance scheme,convincing him to insure his house too and did he have a family so he would take an education scheme for his children too,she asked. He leered at her and answered.

“I think I just met the mother of my children. ” She was amazed at his outright demeanor.

Faith interrupted the awkwardness that Sarah was already starting to feel.They left in haste,their boss was waiting for the day’s report. Thank goodness Philip had given them something positive to report on.

She found herself thinking about him that evening. The way he towered over her,his glassy eyes and superconfidence. She had loved the way he had attentively listened to her as she laid down the different insurance schemes for him to chose. A text halted her thoughts.

Thank you for your service. I feel insured tonight.

She smiled at his text. Should she reply?No. Keep him waiting.She kept him waiting. For five seconds.

You are welcome. I am happy you are a satisfied customer.

His reply was so quick that she wondered if he had read hers.

I have something else I need insured.”

What? She replied back.

My heart. I met the mother of my children today and she did not look like she would consent. I am afraid of a heart break. ” She could not help but laugh out loud.

Hahaha. It’s late, I need to sleep. Good night.” She wrote.

With a cryjng emoji, he wrote his goodnight too. Sarah slept with a smile drawn on her face.

Philip was persistent. He wooed her passionately. He would surprise her at her workplace with flowers or lunch dates, he would sent sweet love messages or sometimes he would serenade her after a dinner date. Needless to say, Sarah was smitten.


She told her parents about him. He had not proposed but it was crystal clear he would do so, soon! Her mother was elated and her father congratulated her but they warned her to be careful. To her friends,she cared to brag and they hi-fived her, booking bridemaids positions.

So when she realised she was pregnant,she was not worried. She called him to give him the good news. She could not wait to tell him the good news face to face.

“Philip,are you still there?” She asked , sure that the telephone network had a problem.

“Hello?Hello?” Then a strange voice answered back.

“Hello?” The voice said.

“Hello, I was just talking to Philip and…” The voice impatiently interrupted her and said.

“Sorry,Philip has been called for an urgent meeting.”It said and hung up. Sarah tried calling after a few hours, no one picked. His personal phone too went unanswered. Something was wrong. She woke up early the next day and went to see him at his office. To her shock, the security guard stopped her. She was not allowed in. She gaped at him in bewilderment,the building had fifteen floors and she was not allowed in? The security guard had the nerve!

“Are you mad?Do I look like Alshabab to you? Do you know that my fiance can sue you all for God knows whatever? Let me in! You insane piece of …” As she was ranting, four or five security guards appeared. There was one in a black suit, black pullneck and he held a walkietalkie that made signal sounds. He introduced himself as the head of security.

She could not wait to give her complaint. As soon as she was done,he said,

“I am sorry but the law office you want to visit has given us strict instructions that you should not be allowed in this premises. I am sorry madam.” By this time, a curious crowd was forming. Sarah realised this was a battle she would not win. She left hastily. People were already taking their phones out to record the drama.

She called her boss and called in sick. She was flustered. She needed to come to terms with what was going on. She went to her house. Then her meditation yielded some discoveries.

She realised how a fool she had been. She did not know where he stayed. He had claimed he stayed with his ten year old daughter, that he would not stand her being rude to Sarah because she had that tendency especially to those she thought were replacing her mother whom they seperated when she was two.

Sarah also realised that she had not met any of his friends except his workmates. She knew very little about Philip. But there was that number that he had used to send money once using her phone. He had thought he had deleted it.

She called the number. Whatever followed next will always linger deep in Sarah’s mind. Her name was Anne. She had been Philip’s secretary. She was his baby mama. As far as she knew,she was the fourth baby mama. Yes,he had serenaded her too,he had bought her lots of lunch dates,he had this way of making one feel that she was the only woman in the world. Same script, different cast.

But the worst was yet to come.

Ann continued to tell her, he was married. To a lawyer too. They had three children. His wife seemed to be either too oblivious of Philip’s philandering or she had resolved to let him be.

When Sarah hang up,she knew Ann was speaking the truth. There was this round mark on Philip’s ring finger that seemed as if he had just taken his ring off. She had brushed off the doubts. Then there was a time she had seen a lady’s coat at the co-driver’s seat. He had said it was a colleague’s. She had believed. Now she knew it was his wife’s.

Sarah was not the girl to shed tears over spilt milk. She caressed her stomach. Unlike Ann,she would not ask for child support. It would be just her and her child.She was ready to take the bull by it horns. She knew she would be mocked, laughed at or sympathised with, but that was not her problem. She would be a strong, independent loving single mother.