How to preserve tomatoes

You have just been given kilograms of tomatoes by your good people from the rurals as you went back to town after the festivities. Now you are afraid they might go bad. Here is a good tip on how to preserve all of them.

When you preserve your tomatoes in this kind of way, they will last for more than a month. This is also a very favourable way for those without a fridge.

1. Clean the tomatoes thoroughly

2. Put them in a sufuria, add a little salt and water then steam them for about three minutes until the water is 80% dry.

3.Let it cool and blend the tomatoes

4. Pour the blend into a pot and bring them to a boil until they form a paste

5.Pour it in a glass container that can easily be closed tightly.

6.Put the container that contains the tomato paste in a sufuria with warm water and let it boil for about two minutes. This is a sealing process so only open the bottle that you want to use and close it immediately after use.

7. Remove and store in a cool dry place ready to use.

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