I spied on my son.

Maternal instinct guides you to guide your children. This is what led me to do an unusual thing. To spy on my son when going back to school. My actions were encouraged by the words of their principal on a certain parents day .

” You parents think you know your sons, but we know them better.”

Fellow parents had snorted at those utterances wondering how you would know a product of their womb better than they did. Not if you carried him for nine months, spend sleepless nights soothing night-time cries and survived terrible twos,threes etc.

But my son had grown distant from us since joining secondary school. He prefered his bedroom that was engulfed by very loud music. He spoke very little about himself, his plans or his whereabouts.

I therefore decided to know who my son had turned to.I knew the only way to do it was to pry. He would get very angry if he found out but that was not my business at that moment.

6th January was the opening day, he said. By eleven o’clock, he still had not woken up. I was agitated because his school was a five hour drive distance. At what time would he arrive if he woke this late? I knocked hard on his door, repetitively.

“Mum! I already heard you!” Said an irritated, groggy Ken.

“You are still asleep now? Ken you cannot be serious!” I bellowed and his reply was a click from his mouth. I wanted to give him a harsh reproach for the rude gesture but I changed my mind. It was his last day here until they closed again.

He dressed up at a tortoise’ pace listening to a few number of songs over and over again. His breakfast was heavy and special. I made sure of that. Three sausages coupled with two boiled eggs, two hot mandazis, a plate of fried fries accompanied by a glass of his best home made juice.

“The eggs and and mandazis should have been three each.” He said, as he gobbled down what was left.

” That is enough boy.” I said laughing at his great appetite. “I hope you use the same energy in eating your books.”

The seventeen year old chuckled at my suggestion. When he was done, he came and hugged me from behind.

“Will miss you,” he said. I was surprised at this unusual sweet gesture. But I understood the pretentious actions when he made his next utterances.

“So are you giving me a good amount of pocket money this time?” He had that cynical smile.


“How much do you want?” My answer took him aback. He had been preparing for a negotiation. I was not. I was just dangling a bait for the fish and he fell for it hook,line and sinker.

Three thousand shillings was what he pocketed. He embraced me strongly and took his bag leaving. I took my phone out quickly and called my brother,Tom.

Tom was waiting for my call ,ready to start game. I ran outside and jumped in the cab that he had hired. He had parked a few metres from my home and my call prompted him to order the cab driver to pick me up quickly.

“He has taken a matatu to CBD. We are following a Nissan Caravan with these registration number…” Ken’s twenty eight year old uncle updated me handing me a paper with plate numbers.

“Aha!” He exclaimed as my son alighted the matatu. I wanted to believe that he had left something at home and so was going back. We watched as Ken picked out something from his pocket. It was a phone. I wondered when he stole it from my purse. I always confiscated it when schools re-opened. I checked inside my purse hastily and it was still there. Tom and the cab driver laughed at the cunningness of my son. He had two phones. Was he planning to sneak it in school?

I should have taken a glass of wine to calm my nerves in preparation of what I was about to encounter. After the 30 second call, Ken went inside the bush nearby. We all thought he had a running stomach until he came out of the bush clad differently. In place of the school uniform was a red Nike T-shirt and jeans with Timbaland shoes. He had a cap worn back front. No sooner had he come out than a Toyota Mark X stopped by his side. The driver parked in a way that it was clear he wanted to be as far away as possible from any eye that passed by. Ken got in .

“It’s a woman.” Said our cab driver. “See the hair.” He was right, the woman’s voluminous hair was visible from our safe spot. Anger was building up in me as the brutal truth dawned on me that there was an iniquitous activity going on there between my son and an old woman.

I wanted to go there and stop the madness. My brother stopped me, convincing me to stay on for the whole investigation. I waited although impatiently and bitterly. After thirty minutes, Ken left the car which drove off speedily. He dug from his pocket what looked like a bunch of notes. He licked his fingers as he counted the notes then punched the air in excitement. A great addition to my mere three thousand, of course. The reality of where he got a second phone from sunk in.

He signalled a passing matatu to stop and boarded . We cautiously followed it wondering what was in store for us. I wondered when my son would get to school. I was already torn yet I had just started my spying.

The transport van reached its final terminus. Ken alighted to be met by a waiting cute young girl. He opened his arms to her. The embrace was too long and too intimate but they seemed not to care about the public. As if that was not enough, Ken gave the girl a long kiss. People stared, others looked away quickly when some shook their heads in disgust. The two then started to walk hand in hand.

The two must have toured the whole town. We were worn out by the time the couple decided to eat something. Our rambling stomachs almost directed us to the same hotel as theirs. It was now past 6PM. It was now apparent that Ken was not going to school. At that time I kept wondering what excuse he would give me when he came back home. I was not ready for what happened next.

The couple left their hotel and strolled around again. This time they were searching for something. Where they stopped finally, took all the energy from me. I requested my brother for some water. Ken, now walking with a bounce, led his girlfriend to a lodging.

“I have a feeling we have not seen enough. Let us wait some more! ” He suggested and the waiting yielded some friuts. It was after around one hour that Ken and his girl emerged from the building. I watched as my only son whom I had so much trust in, sauntered to a nearby bar with a girl I had never met.

All this time I thought my son had never touched a woman. Little did I know that the boy could taste both old and young, on the same day. Worse still, the teetotaller I thought he was, was a veteran drunkard judging from the beers he ordered for.

Needless to say, it took so much insistence from my brother and his friend to convince me to go home. They would update me on the rest. As I alighted from the matatu that took me home, a call came through.

“Mum, I have arrived safely. I am now in school. ” I thought of bursting his bubble with the harsh truth that I knew he had not stepped foot where he said he was . I thought of telling him how disappointed I was of him. But I breathed in and out as Tom had advised me.

“Oh that’s great my son. I now want you to read hard…” He hang up.

“Aaaaargh!” I wailed in deep ire. However, I had to keep calm, if I let my husband be in the know now, he would be raging mad. So I calmly made dinner but went to bed early to a sleepless night.

The following morning, Tom called me. His nephew had left the building at around 8AM and taken a matatu to his school town. He and his girlfriend had left the lodging dressed in their respective school uniform.

I was grateful for his support. What a brother! Seconds later, I dialled the number of his school principal.

“Good morning Sir. I am a parent at your school. Just wanted to make an enquiry. When is the school opening?”

“Good morning madam. Our school opens on 7th January. Is your child ready to come to school?” The principal asked.

“Oh Yes he is. In fact he is on his way. ” I replied.

“That is good news. I look forward to meeting him. He is in good hands till you meet again in February for mid term. ” The teacher said enthusiastically.

“I cannot wait for him. I simply cannot wait. I hope he is ready for what I have prepared for him.” I hang up as I Iaughed at how a fool I had been in parenting. Yet in parenting, we learn day by day. We learn to be better parents from the mistakes we make as parents, and we also learn from the mistakes the children make.

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  1. Fiction!

    They left the lodging in school uniform? Huh! Which lodging would risk their licence?

    You also want us to believe that you don’t know the school opening day? How careless can you get?

  2. The story is unbelievable but it was ent retaining. It maybe the truth but it has been spiced up here and there. Some things don’t add up. Amazing writing skills though.

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