Kakamega Primary School

It’s painful, very painful when you lose a child this way. In fact it’s painful to lose a child in any way. No parent should bury their child.

I am a mother and just like any other, I can imagine how that mother whose child has passed on feels like. They probably dressed up their child in the morning, served him/her with some porridge or weetabix, scolded them with love for dragging themselves lest they are late. Then instead of a jovial child running up towards them in the evening, a messenger bearing the worst news pays her a visit!

This was probably a parent who watched other parents last year cry over their deceased children when a school,Precious Talent School collapsed. They probably mourned with them and life moved on after that.

Out of these incidents as a parent, what is important is, as long as we are alive, let us love our children. Kiss your children goodbye and hug them strongly as they go to school and after school. Pray with them in the morning and let them know that you asked the Almighty to guide them when you are away.

Sometimes, we women have no patience with our kids with so much going on in our lives but let’s try. Sit with them every evening and ask them how their day was ,listen to them keenly. Tickle them as they go to bed, kissing their necks as they coil their necks in pleasure. That promotion at work ain’t as important as your bond with your child!

Let them tell you crazy stories and make a shocked face like you have not heard that same story umpteen times. When they cry, no matter how ‘big’ they have grown , stop what you are doing and tell them that everything will be ok. Soothe, console and comfort. Ignore the old wives’ tales of “they will get spoiled!” An embrace never spoiled no child. And how long is this child going to be a child, forever?

These angels have no idea about your scuffle between you and their daddy so don’t give vent to your frustrations on them! Let your child never recoil in fear when you call out their name! And stop with the name calling, the insults and derogatory statements. How about a pet name?

Calm down before punishing your child. Never do it in anger. Plus, especially this, never punish your kid to show off how tough you can be. The praise is not worth it!

When you punish the kid for a wrongdoing, make them understand that you have to get the bad behaviour out of them because you love them. Do it with so much love the child will not want to disappoint you any more.

You are not perfect, only God is. Let your child know you make mistakes too so that they also own up to theirs too. They say like mother, like child.Never do something that will make you regret the rest of your life.

We have no idea about how tomorrow will turn up. But we pray fervently that our children will not die anymore from such avoidable circumstances. Those we leave to take care of our children should be more vigilant for heaven’s sake! Keep our children safe.

With that said, let us cry with these mourning mums. They need us at this trying times. Let us pray that they will be strong to survive this. It is hard but time is a healer. To all bereaved mums, we are with you.

#RIP Our beloved angels.

03/02/2020: 14 Kakamega Primary Students die in a stampede.