King Kaka

This guy ,my teenage daughter tells me is also called Rabbit or Kaka Sungura. I have had to tap into my daughter’s expertise in Sheng language. King Kaka is a young man, married with kids. Back in our days, songs that hit headlines were love songs. Reggae was the brave one, it would dare politics. Those who did poke it were older, they were prepared to die. They had lived their life. However, here is King Kaka. He represents a youth that is tired, used and neglected. He starts with a prayer to thank God for keeping him alive and then sarcastically thanks God for amnesia. The second stanza criticises voters and he even cynically asks whether their brains are filled with faeces. Kaka,please go slow!!!But No,he has just started.

He then talks tribe. I am told Mjaka means Luo and Wasaperes are Kikuyus!!!I would not have guessed!!The other stanza exposes the system ofp education, the rich take their children majuu(abroad),those who stay here have no jobs after years of learning. Then, he mentions a name here, the guts this young has!! Reminding us how we were shocked at pens costing thousands. He also condemns betting. (This man is a unique one, who is the mother?)Another name is dropped!!! The one that claimed to be the most dangerous, is Kaka not afraid of the most dangerous! I bet he wrote this while he knew the dangerous one has been arrested.

Does he feel he is not safe in the next stanza? He is ready for whatever .The third name is dropped. (He is also brave,who is his wife?) He goes ahead to rebuke the church for kissing ass…I laughed at this one. I hear Pastor Nga’nga has been mentioned too, does he know “whom am I?” . He should be careful “hizo kitu yake isifungwe.”

He questions the perception of real youth by putting Moody and Gikonyo in the same sentence with youth.

Now, the REAL youth with HELB loans, you have not been forgotten. Pray that life favours you like KQ and Sugar Mill. Teachers too, leave Sossion alone. King Kaka can do a better job. KPLC!!!Those bills.

There is a line that goes like, “Naskia jirani amekula,you know what I mean.” I don’t know Rabbit, and my daughter has refused to be generous with that one. Ok. Ni sawa tu.

He has informed naive people like me about the border war. Now I am scared. Are we safe? We thought KDF was the answer. I am sad too when he tells us that Huduma Namba was a scam of some sort, after answering thousands of personal questions from those form four leavers. That part they asked my husband how many wives he has and he eyed me suspiciously…let me leave it there for now. But he said he had one.

As he concludes, he shows he is as confused as many of us when it comes to the handshake. His last line will make one man who has been very angry of late, even angrier!!!

Let us see how this one goes.


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