Leesa’s story

Dear Mamlipsete,

First of all, I want to thank you for this good work you are doing. I am in Nigeria and I just love your blog. It’s a good thing when women endeavour to enlighten each other.

There are so many blogs here in Nigeria but I pinned yours even though its Kenyan. When you start rewarding loyal fans, don’t forget me!

I saw your requests to women to share their unique stories and I was at first edgy but I thought ‘Wetin the hoot! I dey go tell my story!’ We think in Pidgin English here.

I gave this story to another story-writer so some of your Nigerian audience might have come across it.

So my story is just a big lesson to women or young girls who sleep with married men.

It happened two years ago. I was broke and the only jobs I was getting were below my par. I wanted to look like girls my age, nice nails, nice clothes, good house to rent, book taxis instead of taking these filthy transport buses. That motivated me to do all I could to look for a job. I told all my friends to help me get a big job but in Nigeria things are hard if you don’t have connections.

As I was roaming the streets of Agbani, a man with a big car approached me. He said he liked me and wanted to take me out and even promised to take care of me. I checked out his car and saw this was an ‘office man!’ He was winking at me beckoning me to enter his car.

Mam Lipsete, I am ashamed to say I accepted him even though I saw the marriage ring on his finger. Mr. Uche* did not hide that he was married but he did not want his wife to know about me. Every evening, he picked her up from work, dropped her at their house then he came to pick me.

We had a hot affair! We met in all kinds of fancy hotel rooms, where we did many things. Upto now, I think his wife knew about us because the things that happened are bad!

He picked me up as usual then we went to a hotel room in Enugu. Every time I remember that event, I just shed a tear. He was on top of me thrusting in with all the force, then he suddenly stopped. It was something we both felt, a cold tight feeling in our genitals. He tried to get out but I felt an excruciating pain. I started to cry asking him, Wetin dey happen, wetin dey happen, comot!’

When he try to get out, I feel pain, very bad pain, worse than child birth. He too felt pain because he grooaaned.

We were stuck in each other. Me, I was just crying even when he was telling me, Relax, I comot. I tried, nothing. We stayed there for like an hour. Then his phone started to ring. It was his wife calling him but the phone was far and he couldn’t move to get it and pick it. It stopped to ring than he started to cry. We cried, prayed God to forgive us but nothing, still stuck.

Then his phone started to ring again. The ringtone of his wife’s number again. He said he must pick the call. I asked him how he will pick call when we are stuck like this? He says he must.

I asked him we call for some help , he refused, claiming that media will expose him and he will lose his family and job. Phone is still ringing. He insists he must pick his call, his wife will be suspicious.

He took a deep breath and held the bed firmly and then suddenly pulled out and I almost thought I was dead from pain. We both cried out aloud. I think I fainted for a few seconds before I woke up and saw him groaning in pain, bending as if he had food poisoning.

Then he managed to wobble to the bathroom bleeding, washed himself, wore his clothes quickly then disappeared leaving me to die. I could feel the blood on my bed dampening my body. I tried to move but the pain was too much. I started to cry loudly until I saw a woman in housekeeper’s uniform appear at the door. That was the last thing I saw then I lost consciousness.

When I woke up, two kind nurses were standing next to me in hospital. They started asking questions. I just started crying.

Healing from the surgical repair of my genitalia was another painful time. I stayed a whole month in hospital. The nurses told my relatives that I was raped so they go pity me ooo.

Mamlipsete, what pains me is that, the man never came to see me. I tried to call him and sms him to at least send me some money to cater for the hospital bill but he never replied. I paid the bills with debts that I finished to pay recently.

My vagina has become very ugly now from all the disfiguring.I still feel some pain and I have developed trauma when it comes to making love.

I just want to teach these girls here that the devil will always betray you. Maybe it was the wife who put juju on her husband, I no sabi (I don’t understand) or it just happened. Doctor told me such cases are rare. I am happy I am alive but I hope one day I will be strong enough to show my face as I tell my embarrassing story.

And that is my story, Call me *Leesa. Thank you.

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*Names have been changed to hide identity.

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