Lessons these 5 women have taught other women.

The limelight has been brighter than usual for these 5 ladies of late. Many young women look up to them and want to be just like them in their future.

Although these women ain’t perfect just like any other human being, one slip from them and the whole social media village is throwing jibes at them. Yet they have remained strong despite their different challenges. See what we can learn from their life stories.

Diana Marua

She has trended for quite some time in the recent past. Old albums of her and her exes have been retrieved. Then Khaligraph Jones called her , her hubby’s mama and we took that line and made it a hashtag . But what did she do, she took a lesso and carried her man on her back to spite you. They had a good laugh about that. In the limelight world, a thick skin is needed. This one has the skin of a rhinocerous. She has a not so righteous past that she keeps being reminded about but that won’t deter her from posting a video of her and her stepson dancing and grinning ear to ear leaving trollers wondering why the hate is not yet in her nerves already.


You are probably there with a younger man, wondering how you got there, walking seven steps in front of him because you can’t stand the fingerpointing from nosy neighbours. Be proud of your man , if he treats you good, stand by him too. Have fun together, that man could be your last chance of happiness so treasure what you got there. Grow a thick skin if your friends are laughing at your choice of man. They are probably jealous you are happy.

Tecra Mungai

Daughter of a tycoon, sister to a socialite, the shock of many when they discovered the love of her life. A fifty year old man not so educated, not as affluent as her background. Rumour has it that her family was not merrymaking at the Omar guy. It is said that some even suggested she drop that guy. Probably wondering why she could not hook herself a cute Ben Pol like big siz. She opted a private life, sad her death was so public. RIP.


Do you have an Omar in your life? Is he imperfect to the rest of the world but perfectly perfect for you? Follow your heart girl. Life is short and you need to be happy as long as you live. Live your love life without any apologies. Age is nothing but a number. Money can’t buy love. Blood is not always thicker than your happiness. Better to live a short life of bliss than a long life of misery and loneliness.

Ruth Matete

A widow while pregnant is not what she expected on that big day of her wedding a few months ago. Her husband did not live long enough to even celebrate an anniversary. On the day when she needed most support, the naysayers start speculating, spreading guesses and innuendos. She closed her accounts, to have a piece of mind and get away from all the bullcrap.


Life may not go as expected. One day you are happy and the next day you are down in the dumps. Take pictures and videos of every special moment of your life with your beloved ones. Beware, some people you think you are close to could turn against you and join when strangers crucify you. There is a time to fight enemies and a time to just lay low. Pray fervently when you are down.

Betty Kyalo

The tabloids fed us well with news of her mega publicised wedding, a cheating scandal and a shocking seperation. Stories about her are too juicy to ignore. The domestic help discovered this and went for her one day fame. Then on a sombre note, a sick daughter, albeit she is better now. She had held it together for so long but it was like having a pressure cooker whose steam has no outlet. She exploded and told the killjoys off. Try and slur her on internet and she will give a slur right back at you.


Is your life like Betty’s where people around you can’t just live their lives? They want to know who you dating, what you had for supper, where you bought your blue dress, when do you poo,etc ? It’s your life. Understand them, that’s the only way they can get some sleep at night. People will always have a say on how you live your life yet you cannot please everybody. Are you a single mom? Love your child and don’t try and prove to a world that cares less that you are a better parent than the daddy is. Work and play hard and let the envy potatoes choke your critics. Again, it’s your life.

Marya Prude

We all thought that Sally Mbilu had stolen Raburu’s heart but wait, the real thief was Marya. Watching the couple together, one would have easily mouthed, ‘couple goals’. The two were so much in love. Remember when they both had a sitting with Rev Cathy Kiuna? One could almost see the love bubbles flying around their heads. Then the sad news about little Angel Adana, we just could not stop crying with these two. Marya was even angry with God but only a mother who has lost a child understands this kind of pain that makes you angry with everything in life. But came the shocking news, seperation? Cheating?


Once a cheater always a cheater. A man who lives a woman for you will leave you for another. No matter how much you seem moulded for each other, the roving eye never shuts. However, heartbreak is not a death sentence, move out of his place and move on with your life. You are allowed to grieve for your losses then after a good cry, wipe your tears, call friends and let them show you how to smile again. Hang around your only true friends. Lose the weight you gained when you were in the comfort zone. They will laugh but you will be strong again.

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