Loving a married man.

“I love you!” I said as we ended our conversation

“Ok. Ok. Let’s see what we will do later about that. ” He replied. I felt a pang of envy. I knew his wife had then come . He hung up quickly.

“Aaaargh!”I screamt in deep anguish. How I loved Mr. T. When alone he would also say he loved me. I knew he was not truthful but saying the words was enough for me.

I fell asleep to a beautiful dream. Mr T and I alone in a beach, him chasing me then him grabbing me by my waist as we toppled on the ground and surrendered to our passions. Then a ring impeded the love activity.

It was actually a phone ringing and I grabbed it in annoyance only to smile at his voice.

“Where are you?I want to give you an early Christmas gift.” Mr. T asked. I told him I was in the house.

“Ok. I am at the parking. ” He said as I jumped from bed to the window and saw his hand waving at me from his sleek Mercedes. My heart was beating as he took one stair after another heading to my flat. He was dressed in a light blue shirt, his top button opened and a navy blue trouser. On his hand was a wrapped package.

He came in with a smile handing the package to me. He sat down impatiently as I jumped up and down at the second-hand laptop. Nevertheless better half a loaf than none. I consoled myself. He pulled me down to the couch and started to unbutton my blouse. Then as usual the glutton hogged without any romance. And it was done within a few minutes,prompting him to dress up quickly,peck my cheek quickly and leave. I was left with tears in my eyes.

At around 7 o’clock, I heard a knock. A woman walked in. I knew her from the pictures. She was accompanied by a huge man, the type we call bouncers. She came in slowly,studying every item in my house. My legs were frail. I remembered Sharon Obando. Will I die today? I was all sweaty and debilitated.

I wanted to tell her that I loved her husband ,that he had said he loved me too,many times. I wanted to insult her and tell her that Mr T had promised to leave her and be with me forever. But I lacked the strength.

She finally stared at me,her face full of revulsion. I felt like a mouse to an elephant. She looked at her bodyguard and smiled at him then smirked at me. Then she set eyes on the laptop near me. The one her husband had given me as a Christmas gift,then roared into a hoarse laughter. She then held me on the cheeks with her long manicured hands, strong perfume filling my air.

“If T really cared about you, he would have given you the new laptop he bought his daughter. Instead he gave you the scrap she has been using during her campus days. ” She paused and smelled my hair.

” Your hair stinks.” Then another look. This time it was not one of disgust. It was as if she pitied me.

“Listen to me ,and listen good. You are just T’s toy. If I were you I would run, not from me but from T. You aint the first, neither will you be the last. Run girl,RUN!”

With that, she walked out, her sentinel in tow. I finally found breath. I ran for my phone and called T.

“She was here!Your wife was here!”

“What are you saying, Mrs T was there? At your house? ”

“Yea, Mr T. Please come I am so scared!”

“Ok. I am on my way!”He said and hung up. Within an hour ,he was with me. I had imagined how he would rush to me and hug me as we cried at our forbidden love but Alas!

He did not want any contact with me. His concern was what his wife had said. He did not inquire whether I had been hurt. Then he said words that broke my heart into tiny little pieces.

“If Mrs T knows you,its over between us!”

“No Mr T, you cant leave me. I love you so much! We are meant to be!”

I cried as he planned to exit. I fell down holding on to his legs.

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He kicked me away and again that day left me to swim in a river of my own tears. Then I fell asleep to another dream. I was in the beach alone, watching the sea and a man in a horse came towards me. I could not see his face but I could see his left hand extended to me. I touched his hand but was woken up by children playing around.

I smiled. I knew the man in my dream was not Mr T. He had held not even an ounce of love for me. I was just his plaything. Mrs T was right. I was not the first nor the last. It was time I let go. I took the laptop and went out to my balcony. I dropped it and saw it shatter into irreparable chunks. I was worth a new laptop. An Apple or a Macbook Pro.

I am Fyona.

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