Making extra cash this Christmas for the common mwananchi

January is around the corner. Children are going back to school. You really need to make some cash to be able to beat the financial challenges ahead. You are probably wondering how you could take this festive season to your advantage and make some extra cash.

Here are some ideas for the common mama.

1. Sell clothes online

Some people have not had time to buy new clothes for Christmas because of busy schedules. You could and should be their saviour. Don’t close shop yet for the last minute shoppers.

Continue posting the clothes on your status, Facebook pages etc and announce that you can deliver anywhere anytime. Remember we have trustworthy courier services so distance should not be a problem.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Do the clothes have to be yours? No. Talk to that friend who sells clothes or shoes, ask them to permit you to post pictures of what they are selling on your socail media pages. Agree to a commission.

3. Chapatis

Almost every homestead this festive season will have chapatis in their menu.

Can you make very good chapatis? Then advertise, advertise. Post your samples with very clean and smart packaging. Tell your friends to tell their friends that you are making chapatis in bulk at a fair price.

You will have saved someone a lot of time and probably a clan from eating crispy badly cooked chapatis.

4.Balloons and face painting

With the internet nowadays ,you will easily find shops that sell balloons at a wholesale price.

Once you have them, locate youralef where you are likely to find many children. Display some of your balloons demonstrating how one can blow and shape them.

Combining both face painting and balloons earns you a better chance for more customers.

Ensure you use the right facepainting materials.

You don’t have to be an artist. Play with your creativity and use different colours.

You could also add popcorns ,candy or biscuits, masks etc.

5. Delivery Services

Advertise at your local hometown that you will be doing delivery services for people during the festive holidays.

Give them ideas of what you could buy for them and deliver, is it soda? Wine? Sugar? Meat? etc

Ensure you will have a fast means of transport (it could be a hired bodaboda/tuktuk) and a good communication device plus less distractions.

Your services might just be permanent after that.

There you go, those are five ways any one can do to make some cash this season.

Do you have more ideas? Add them on the comment section for our readers.

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