Man A or Man B?

Almost every woman has had an experience of being loved by a man she does not have an ounce of love for. Sometimes, coincidentally, she may love another man who feels nothing for her. For Casty, the man that loved her was Ian.

Ian was a police officer. He called her daily, asking her how her day was. She would make her responses polite but short. There was no way she was having a relationship with Ian. Though he thought he was almost there. He took care of her, her rent was on his bill and he often did shopping for her.

Casty did not ask him to do it, in fact she always told him off, insisting she could survive without his handouts but he persisted. She would wake up at the end of the month to a receipt placed under her door. Then she would call the house caretaker’s number.

“What is the receipt for? I haven’t paid rent yet? ” She asked.

“It’s the police man again. Whatever you did to him, only your creator knows.” Casty would snort and hang up then call Ian immediately.

” I did not ask for rent money, you know!” She said.

“Morning darling! Do not fuss your little head on rent money this month, use your salary to make yourself prettier my queen!”

She hang up again and sent him the amount of money he had paid for her but he returned it with more in addition.

“If only I can love Ian as much as he loves me. But my heart was stolen by Titus..Mmmh.” She said to herself and closed her eyes as she thought of Titus.

Titus was the man she loved. He was a widower with one son. A son who she knew too well. A son who loved her too because she was his day care teacher. Every time he came to pick up his son, she would ensure that she told him how his son had been that day , without his asking. He would listen attentively and thank her, then drive off.

Titus had asked for her number but he was quick to clarify that he needed it for Eric’s sake. After all, every parent needs to keep tabs on their child and what better way than through their teacher.

Upon thinking about him, Casty ran to prepare quickly and meet her day care kids. She loved them all but she had some special love for Eric, not just because of his dad but because he was the only child in her class who did not have a mother. She felt she could fill that gap.

She was joyfully surprised when Eric instead of the usual bus that brought him, was brought by his father. She saw his car from afar and almost ran to him. She greeted him with her sweetest smile and started small conversation. However, he was in a hurry . He said they had overslept that night, the bus had left Eric and he was already late for work. Casty stepped back as he drove speedily.

“Well, that was kind of rude, you mean he can’t even talk with his son’s teacher for two minutes?” A colleague standing behind her said. Unbeknownst to her, he had seen it all.

“His job matters, unlike people like you who should be in class but instead choose to snoop in other people’s conversations.” Casty retorted and walked passed him quickly embarrassed.

“Sorry if I hurt you.” He shouted behind her.

She tried to push that morning behind her but the humiliating episode kept ringing in her mind but everything was made better when a text on her phone came through.

Sorry for my rude behaviour in the morning. I feel I should make up for it. How about dinner?

It was Titus. Before replying, another man texted her. It was Ian.

Hey my queen, please grace me with your presence today. Just pick a place and I will be there.

She would meet Ian sometimes when she was lonely but that day was different. She chose to ignore the latter text. She wrote to Titus and they planned their date for that evening.

He looked irritated at her lateness but tried to hide it. She did not talk much because he took over the conversation talking about his job as an accountant. When he was not talking, he was checking on his phone. He would place it back quickly in his shirt pocket and pick on from where he left in the chat with Casty.

By the time the date was done, she knew so much about him. He did not ask anything about her. But she liked something he had said. He wanted to remarry.

Ian called her at ten o’clock when she was arriving at her house from her date with Titus. He was disappointed she had failed to meet him but not disappointed enough to not call her and say a good night to her. She wondered why he was always so patient with her.

She went for more dates with Titus and Ian kept calling, paying her rent, shopping for her and showering her with pet names. She still loved Titus but felt nothing for Ian.

Then Titus proposed. She was caught unawares. He was not on one knee like she had fantasised. They were having dinner and he popped the question with his mouth full of noodles. She stared at him and he stopped gulping on his food.

“What? Isn’t that you want? You love me,you love my son,then let us get married!”

“What about you Titus? Do you love me?” She asked.

“Look, let’s leave this childishness of love blablabla. Love is nurtured. For now, there is a child in my life who needs a father and a mother. Who suits the mother role more than you do.” He said as he stretched his hand to hold hers, the first time he had ever done that. She pulled back, and stood. His words had drained out everything she felt for him.

As she walked away, she looked back amd saw him shrugging his shoulders then he went back to eating his food. She called Ian. He was surprised at her call. He said he was available.

“You pay for a house that you have never set foot at. Come today. ” He was elated at her words.

He was prompt, hiding a bouquet of flowers behind him. She looked into his eyes and felt moved. They spelt love. She had made him his best food. He looked deep into her eyes as she talked about her day with her school children, smiling when she imitated them uninterrupting. Then it was his turn to talk.

“Casty,” he said in a low tone, “I am no fool. I can see a change of heart in you. Be truthful and tell it all. Tell me why.”

She thought for a moment. She was done lying to him . She disclosed about Titus and told Ian everything. She added that she would understand if he just upped and left but he still held her hand, lightly massaging it,probably thinking of his next words.

“Casty, if I leave here and marry another woman tomorrow or any other day, I will have the saddest life. I want to be with the woman I love. Love is nurtured. You will love me eventually, I know that. I am not a bad person.” He smiled at her as he pierced her heart with his words.

This was the second time she had heard the phrase, ‘Love is nurtured.’ She was going to heed the words. What she did next made a police officer shed a tear.

“Ian, will you marry me?” She asked, one knee on the floor. He lifted her up and kissed her deeply. She accepted the kiss with much eagerness. She quickly opened the buttons to his shirt and revealed a vested muscular body. He was taking her to the bedroom. He dropped her on the bed and admired the beauty that was before him.

He did not have to be told what to do next. He devoured her with a love Casty had never felt before. She also gave her all. By the next morning, she was in love with Ian. She watched as he slept. She wondered why she had been such a fool for such a long time.

When you ask Mrs Ian today about love, she will tell you. Choose the man who loves you and let the man you love, love somebody else. Love is nurtured.