Parenting:Do you know these sheng words and their meaning?

Just so you know, and you are not left out as a parent, you should know the meanings only these latest sheng words.

(For Kenyans only)

Kumuok – To come

Kunauwo – To understand / To know

Mbogi /Rende – Crew

M-chwa / M-sape – M-pesa

Warazi- Enemies

Zimenice – Feeling high

Zabe – Base (somewhere to chill out)

Arif/Fafiri -Friend

Kitu Peng’ -Beautiful girl

Mrenga/Mbathi – Car

Kanairo – Nairobi

Njege/Sanse – Police

Mbwegse -Two

Mashashola – Cannabis/ Weed

Kuwamocho – Drinking

Wolan /Wagwan – Yes / Ok

Madenge – Girls

Kushikisha – Chewing Miraa

Niko wire – I ‘m broke

Niko machingli – I’m rich

Kuwa mawenge – Being horny

Mochoka – come

Senke -Bodaboda

Mtaratara – bring to par

Mzing / Buda – Father

Mongre – Brain

Wabbling – Water

Medi – meditate

Kubuya – Being afraid

Now you know, you will be listening silently as the teenagers speak and then when they are about to leave, tell them,

” Msidhani mimi na mzing hatujanauwo mmenda kwa madeng wenu kushikisha! Tutambring mtaratara ama mhame hii kanairo! “


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