Protecting the boy too

Based on a true story.

He was seventeen,Davis* in form 4, the last year in high school. He couldn’t wait to finish school and experience life out there so, he decided he could as well make the best of the remaining time, lest he finds himself coming back to repeat another year because of poor performance.

Davis’ performance depended on how hot his midnight oil was. He wasn’t like some geniuses in class who topped the class without having to lift a finger. What the teacher taught was enough for them to score A’s. David was fortunately, neither the type that immersed themselves in books all night and day but still held the tail. If he worked hard it showed,if he didn’t it also showed.

But David was a pro in other fields:the rugby field. He was good. The school team knew that their combined efforts were nothing without Davis. The school coach had also received many accolades courtesy of Davis.

But Davis played so well in another field: the dating field. His school hosted many functions or funkies like they call them and would invite as many girls schools as they could.

Davis and his rugbymates would lift some stones every evening after classes to achieve some muscles on their hands and thighs. This made the girls drool, so Davis besides being very charming, would always win the bet of making a girlfriend from every invited school that would come for a funkie.

It earned him the title Davis player. He played rugby so well as he did the girls.

However, for his last year, he would shelf all that and concentrate on his studies. And it did pay off quite well. He achieved a B+.

As a first born of four siblings, his parents were proud of him. He had set a good example to the brother and two sisters that followed him. Now he could proudly wait for his letter of admission to university.

With his parents happy and his siblings at school, Davis would focus on having a good time. His parents could also focus more on earning better income, with Davis almost an adult who barely gave them headaches. He did not smoke nor drink alcohol as most peers did. His weakness was Samsonic.

The parents laughed it off, it was expected of a boy of his age, the hot blood and restless hormones. Their conviction was that being a big boy, it’s their daughters they would be more keen on. Rhapsodic sexual behaviour was not allowed in girls or else they would fill the house with unwanted babies.

However, they did make a little effort in having the dreaded sex talk with Davis.

“Just ensure that you don’t impregnate a girl, son, because if you do, it will wholly be your responsibility.” His father warned. “HIV is also real, son.” He added. The sex talk was that short for both parties were too embarrassed about it. But Davis knew his strict father wasn’t just threatening him. He knew better than to have careless sex with girls. So he carried condoms everytime he thought he would get lucky.

When he did get lucky, he pulled them out from his pocket quick and insisted on using them even when some of the girls he was with would insist they were safe.

It was going well for Davis and even got better when he started to communicate with this girl Cassandra*. Davis knew Cassie well. She and her parents lived on the other side of town but both families knew each other well. She was older, three or four years older attending one of the universities in the capital city.

Davis had all along thought she was way out of his league but when she sent that first text, he knew he was hitting it like nobody’s business.

Hi sexy. Its Cassie. Gotta tell ya. I like yah and ur swag.Cheers.😘

He stared at her text for minutes in disbelief. Boy am I some cool dude or what! He bragged to himself.

Oh yeah? I like yah too. You hot like crazy🔥🔥

Davis never missed an opportunity if it presented itself. He went for the kill right there and then. Life is too short to beat around the bush, was his motto. So he did not bother to ask how she got his number. What was important at that time was that a girl from uni liked to have a piece of his sexiness.

The texts to each other were frequent and more intimate by the day. He liked that unlike the younger ones he was used to who had fluctuating moods, Cassie was easy to talk to. She was intelligent too, even teaching him a thing or two about serious topics like politics, the economy etc. Davis liked that she trusted him too with her secrets.

He was shocked to know that her parents, Mr and Mrs Baraza slept in different bedrooms. They seemed like a very happy and loving couple while out there.

That shocked me but what can you do gyal, nothing much just don let it get into ur head. They r adults n know what they are doing.

He tried to comfort her.

I know. It’s hard especially being far away from them. I don know if they r ok or if they r fighting.

She replied but she changed the topic in the next text probably not wanting to continue washing her dirty linen for Davis to see.

So,when r u gonna come over and give it 2 me?

Davis felt his loins stir.

What? Like for real?

Yea, make plans. Am really dyin to c u😉

He asked her to give him time for him to make a good plan that would not get his parents suspicious as he adjusted his manhood that had started to feel uncomfortable in his jeans. The thought of being with a girl in campus excited him immensely. Most of the times with his other girlfriends, he took charge and taught them the skills of pleasure. Yet with this one, she seemed to be more experienced.

He imagined her throw him on the bed, tear his clothes off and do things to him that he would never forget. The thoughts gave him a sudden need to take a cold shower. Soon his mother would call him for supper.

He had made a perfect plan. Three days to come, he would go to the capital city. He had told his parents that he needed to get his school living certificate from his former school which was about one hundred kilometres from home. They readily agreed and promised to give him enough transportation fee that morning. Instead of going to school, he planned, he would take a matatu to the capital town. His parents would never catch his lie.

The following day, a Sunday, they went to church. Davis tagged along because church was mandatory in their home. His face lit up when he saw her ,he was even more surprised that she was around. He would find a private place to talk to her after church. But she was nowhere to be seen. She had disappeared. Davis only saw her mother who was speaking to his.

He moved closer to them and heard Cassie’s mother telling his mother that Cassie had hurried to go and pack because she would be travelling back to campus the next day in the early hours. Davis was disappointed that Cassie had not even said hi to him. She had even thrown a quick uninterested glance at him in church like they did not text all night to each other.

Boy are you in love or what, she probably doesn’t want her parents to suspect that there is something going on between the two of you! He consoled himself.

When the day came, Davis was like a lark. He sighed in triumph when the matatu to the mega city commenced. In two or so hours, he would be assaulting Cassie with a friendly weapon and she would be screaming in ecstasy, he smiled at the thought.

Where r u @?

I am almost there gyal. Tell me wat u wearing?

K. Am waiting big boy. Am in ma birthday suit. Better hurry.

He quickened his steps and checked his pockets again to be sure his three packets of condoms were still there.

She had texted him the route to her room and so clear was she in her directions that when he got there, he was very sure he was in the right place. He knocked.

He almost fainted when a man opened the door.

“Davis?” The man asked, Davis nodded. “Cassie is in the shower,come right in , I am leaving anyway.” Davis felt relieved as he entered the room now more confident but he realised what a mistake he had made when he made two steps in and the door was closed behind him.

They were two more, heavily built,and smoking bhang like chimneys. Davis turned back, headed for the door but the lad who opened for him blocked him.

Needless to say, Davis saw hell. He screamt as each thug took his turn on him. He screamt Cassie’s name hoping she would come rescue him.

“Shut up boy, haven’t you realised by now that Cassie doesn’t exist!” One of the thugs bellowed as he forced himself on Davis.

It dawned on him painfully. He had quickly concluded that Cassandra Baraza from his hometown had been the one who had texted him. The thugs had played along by texting back, and making him think he was the real player while he was being really played.

He is twenty seven years now, ten years have passed. He likes to warn parents to protect their sons too even when they look as if they are old enough to do it. He says it’s a cruel world out there, both for boys and girls.

He talks to boys too, urging them to be extra careful when meeting a girl for the first time because it could three or four thugs waiting in a room, ready to sodomise the boy who things he was going to get some from a new found lover.

Mom, dad, take care of your son the way you would for your daughter.

Son, take care of yourself.

And for anyone there meeting someone for the first time, do not go alone, meet in a public place and inform someone else about your whereabouts.

Share this story to any mother with a teenage son or to whoever else you think needs this.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.


  1. Wow! That was rough!
    But again, an eye-opener. Boys are children too.. They need help understanding sexuality. Thanks for the beautiful piece. ♥

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