Sex for who?

Most women are conditioned to think that sex is a man’s thing. For instance in a community in the coast, on the day before the wedding, the bride’s aunties sit her down and spend half the night advising her how to please her man once she becomes a wife.

You would expect that the groom too is being handed a long lecture by his uncles on how to make his wife happy in the matrimonial bed. Alas! That ain’t the case.

The groom is having the time of his lifetime. There are three or more women twerking on his face as he celebrates or rather mourns his last day of ‘freedom.’

Common comments by women who don’t own sex

1. I am too old for these things.

Really? So is sex for kids? Abomination! Sex is for people like you. Women are like fine wine,better with age. Quit bringing up the age thing. That part of the body doesn’t grow old by the way. There is no deadline age for sex. Till death do you part.

2. I am a Christian

C’mon, So God was wrong in giving women a vagina? Or is it just a birth canal?

A woman’s body was also designed to reach orgasm. The Chief Designer had very good plans for you. He wanted you too feel that incredible ecstasy, like your man.

Christians should enjoy sex. In fact, sex is a gift by God for married people. A gift! Take the gift and make good use of it, woman.

3. I am too tired to do it

You are missing out on a lot with that excuse. Plan your time well. Put sex in your list of activities just like you list your chores of the day like washing the dishes or going for hair care. .

You are never too tired to eat so don’t be too tired to do another enjoyable thing.

No more ‘headaches’ please.

4. I am too shy

So is that why you sleep in your ‘Ng’ombe ni Seng’eng’e Tshirts, a long skirt and beneath is a heavy velvet trouser?

Most women look at their imperfections in the mirror and wonder whether anyone would want to make love to them but truth is, at that time of want, the last thing the man is doing is counting your stretch marks. His goal is his pleasure. Copy that.

5. I have never loved sex

Because you have never given it some thought. You only love something if you think about it.

While at it, stop thinking about what Mama Nani said during the chama. Stop trying to recall if your child took the last dose of his medicine. This is a very important activity that you should be concentrating on.

Do you have painful intercourse?

Take time and find out why. See a doctor if need be.

Sex should be loved by every woman getting it.

6. I am with the wrong person

You shouldn’t even sleep with someone you don’t love. You shouldn’t give it to him so that he doesn’t ‘stray.’ A straying dog will still stray whether you feed it beef or mutton.

Your body is too precious to be somebody’s tool of pleasure and you are not getting any pleasure in return.

It’s better to stay sexless alone than sexful in an abusive marriage. You should call the shots when it comes to your body.

So the question is, who is sex for?

It’s both yours and his. It is for a woman as much as it is for a man.

Equality in foreplay, equality at the work done and equality in the climax session.

So here is what you going to do

Look forward to it. Think about it. Men enjoy sex because they are always thinking about it even when it ain’t around.

Ask for it. It’s yours. Don’t be shy. Initiate it. You don’t have to ask verbally.

Dump the heavy clothes and wear something appealing.

Don’t hide your imperfections, is he hiding his? Feel confident and push away the idea that he will notice them. It’s a lie. He is with you regardless.

Choose the right man who you will be comfortable with. Stay away from emotionally and physically abusive men.

Leave the excuses. Leave the dogmatic religious stands. Leave the silly fears.

This life is short not to enjoy what you own.

So own the sex, both of you and you will reach great heights togetheršŸ˜œ.

Keep safe this Friday.

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