Sex on Christmas day.

Mothers with teenage kids should read this. Albeit,there is nothing much you can do to control a teenage on heat. He or she will do everything possible to cool the heat burning him. If you try giving him a sex education talk,he will give you that look that will make you have an early ending of the lesson or laugh at you as if you are clowning. If you lock him in his bedroom,he will dig a hole out of the bedroom.

It was not so for Celine. Her parents weren’t there to give her a sex education talk or even ground her. Not for now. They saw an innocent kid in her ,who knew nothing about sex. They would talk to her once she was 15 years,as she joined form one. Little did they know how much she knew. The only thing missing was a boyfriend.

Celine was very shy. She scared boys of her age because she masked her demureness with a eerie obsession of novels. She read one after another. So they left her to her books for more charismatic girls much to her chagrin. She wanted to be charmed too. She wanted to be served lame jokes and she would laugh loudly. She wanted to have secret tête-á-têtes with a boy but none was forthcoming.

She had finished her primary education without a boyfriend yet almost all her friends had boyfriends. They boasted of kissing,fondling and even intercourse and she would just listen and take her eyes back to her novel. Throes of envy would cut through her body as she desired to feel the same.

Her parents announced that they would spend Christmas at her grandparents home. This was not a major announcement. Christmas always happened there. She did not mind because she would meet her many cousins.

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Most of them shared the same age bracket. She was close to many. She found it easier to talk to her cousins. So on this year,she was anxious to boast to them that she was no longer a primary school student. She would demand to be welcomed by the older cousins to high school life.

They arrived the previous day then the usual “You are so big now” by the aunties or “It’s another year gain!”from the doting grandparents. The cousins would hug with affection and later found a corner to discuss movies,school or the latest songs. In the meantime,the women would gather at the kitchen and start talking about their husbands weaknesses while the husbands would engage in politics talks in the main room as the grandparents watched and smiled.

“Kelvin, we have a plan this Christmas!”One of the cousins said as the others listened keenly.

“Ehe?” Kelvin replied on behalf of all.

” We are not sleeping this Christmas,its going to be lit!” Brian said.

“So,what are we going to do then?” Rita asked.

“We want all of you to contribute whatever you have,then we send Kelvin coz he has an ID to buy some gage!” Brian said.

Celine had never tasted alcohol but the excitement in the air was too much to think properly. They gave enthusiastically, in thousands and some in hundreds. Kelvin took the money. Venue was planned. One of the uncles would be willing to rent his house for a share of the alcohol and some cash on top of it. He was also required to act as guard and keep the parents distracted.

When Christmas day reached, it was marked by a lot of goat eating, chapati, rice and huge amounts of soda. By evening the parents were tired and full. They resigned to the living room,toothpicks in hand and cups of tea to finish off the evening. The young ones left discreetly. A few of the cousins had changed their minds and resolved to sleep early.

Celine was more than thrilled. She tasted a little bit but found it unsavory. She wondered why people loved alcohol. Most of the cousins were gulping it delightfully. She did not want to be different. She resolved to take it in small amounts. There was music and they started to dance. Then a big surprise! Kelvin had brought in some friends. They were from the neighbouring home who had also come for Christmas.

Again while everyone had found a partner, Celine found herself stuck to her cousin. He too confessed to her that he was never too social so they raised their glasses “To introversion!”

Any booze drinker knows its deceptive and seductive nature. It slowly enticed partners to be closer. It pushed them to each other. Celine had also taken enough beer to convince her that kissing her cousin was not as bad. She went for it. John Spade, as he was known, acceded with much intensity. Caution was thrown out the window, and dignity was trampled on. The devils were clapping and celebrating at the wickedness going on in the small room.

Celine woke up in her bed. She met her extended family members taking breakfast. Her parents welcomed her warmly as others made jokes about her extended sleep. Her cousins looked at her knowingly. John Spade winked at her. Celine’s body told her she had had sex but what disturbed her was,had she done it with John Spade? Her own cousin? As if reading her mind, he came to her as she sat on her table and whispered to her.

“You better take this pills darling, before we make a blue baby.”

He secretly put two pills on her palm. The idea of being pregnant, especially of a cousin appalled her. She covertly swallowed the pills and watched John Spade smile at her,winking at her again.

It was time to go home. She did not know what to make of it as goodbye hugs were passed from one relative to another. She smiled where she was required to. As her father drove back home, she decided that the events of that Christmas night were not to be recalled. She was determined to bury that part deep in her memory. So she took her shovel. She knew it would be the best device to bury that event deep in her novel. She read.

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