She lost a good man

“He is waiting for me at the junction. ” Anise told Mr. Maro as she put her phone back to her purse.

” You should have told him to wait at the house, I can drop you there.” Mr. Maro said.

“No, I don’t want him to get suspicious . Just drop me somewhere far then I can walk towards his car.”Anise said.

Mr. Maro did. He kissed her and squeezed her hand requesting for another good time like the one they just had. Anise alighted quickly but cautiously, in case anybody saw from whose car she was alighting. She did not wait to wave him goodbye or throw a kiss at him. She headed to the next man. The one who truly loved her.

Ryan saw her and got out of his car smiling broadly, tucking his shirt and adjusting his collar. He opened his arms to her and his big body swallowed her tiny frame. He looked at her face,all smiles and hugged her again.

“You look tired my love. ” he said. He was right, she was tired. But for him, he thought the fatigue came from her job, distributing goods to various shops. If only he knew that she had spent the whole day with Mr. Maro, her boss. She licked her lips as she reminisced the electric explosive love making she had experienced few hours ago.

Ryan held her hand as he drove with the other. She looked at him, his sparkling eyes, the dimple in his cheeks and straight snow-white teeth. He was always neat, moustache and beard well trimmed. She knew he was a gem,she could not lose him. She thought of ending it with Mr. Maro to fully concentrate on this tall handsome boyfriend but Maro was like a drug. She was addicted.

“A penny for your thoughts?” He asked.

“I am just thinking what a fortunate girl I am. To have a man like you.” She said.

“No, I am the lucky one. I fell in love with the most gorgeous woman on earth. I love you Anise.” Ryan said as he kissed her.

When they arrived at his house, he had made dinner for her. She ate a little. She was still full from the meal she had taken with Mr.Maro. He ran a bath for her and they later sat to watch a movie. When they retired to bed, his hands were all on her and she forced every bit on her to be as loving. When it was over, she was happy to finally rest.

He woke up early the following day, he was going for another business trip. She made him breakfast. It was a lively morning for both of them.

“I will miss you my love.” He said as he dropped her off at her workplace.

As soon as she arrived, Mr. Maro was waiting at his office for her .

“You did not have to come bragging off your boyfriend to us here, ” he said as he closed the door behind her.

“Are you envious?” She asked, smiling at his disgruntled face. There was something about Mr. Maro. It was not about the money. Ryan was even wealthier and never mean to her. With Mr.Maro, she felt safe with him. He was possessive in a way she liked.

He was a short round man. His belly was growing with his bank account. His bald head a contrast to Ryan’s neat shaven hair. He liked to wear Kaunda suits that were too big for him. She would laugh when he would sometimes decide to match the suits with sports shoes.

After fooling around for a few minutes, they stopped now that the other employees were trickling in. But everyone already knew,it was a public affair talked about in hushed tones.

Ryan was not around that weekend. Mr. Maro grabbed the opportunity. They loved isolated places, away from the public eye. This time they drove fifty miles away from the city to a quiet motel.

They had some delicious food after a massage by a professional masseuse then later plunged in a bathtub. Inanimate objects like bathtubs cannot talk but if they could, these two would hide their faces. The two enjoyed so much pleasure that they fell into sleep’s seductive caresses. They were startled by a phone ringtone.

Anis woke up first and in stark bareness, jumped out quickly to pick her phone as Mr. Maro stared at her hour glass figure, lustfully wishing she would come back after the disruptive phone call. But it did not happen so.

“Gotta go, quickly. Ryan is back. He is coming over at the warehouse to pick me.” She said. Mr.Maro slapped the already cold water in annnoyance as he woke his naked self to go and dress up.

“Why suddenly? Why don’t you tell him you are at your parent’s house? He asked.

“You don’t know that one, he could drive over at dad’s house just to see me, imagine if he found out I was deceiving him?” She said as they burst out laughing at the imagined scenario.

No sooner had they driven around ten miles than Mrs Maro called. She was demanding to know where he was. He lied he had gone to see a client miles away. She was waiting, she said. They needed to buy the bicycle they promised their son that evening.

The latter call caused Mr. Maro to step on it harder. They had managed to pull wool on their spouse’s eyes for a long time. Sometimes they missed being caught by a whisker. They enjoyed the Tom and Jerry game. This was one of those days they would escape through a needle’s eye, they thought.

“Call Ryan and tell him to wait for you somewhere else. They can’t both meet at the same place.” Mr. Maro told Anise. He was clever on that one. Mrs Maro and Ryan’s mother were good friends. Anis would not risk Ryan talking to Mrs Maro.The two could easily deduce what was being hidden from them.

As soon as she took her phone to dial her boyfriend’s number, Mr. Maro’s mobile phone rang. It was his wife calling. He looked at Anise apprehensively. Anise did not realise that she had already dialed her boyfriend’s number. She was so engrossed in listening to Mr.Maro’s conversation with his wife.

“Hallo,Anis? Is that Mr.Maro with you?Hallo?” They both heard Ryan’s voice in Anise’s cellphone. Panic struck the forbidden lovers. Anise felt her blood ran cold. She stared at her phone in disbelief. Mr.Maro was sweating, he became so disoriented that he did not notice driving away from his lane. The oncoming car did not have time to swerve away. Boom!

She woke up and it was all white. A red cross at the door brought recollection back to her. She saw the nurse looking on at her. She could not feel any part of her body. She saw her hanging leg all plastered. Her head like a stone too, bandaged. Then she saw Ryan, gazing sadly at her.

She wondered whether he had known. Why was he still here? She wanted to ask many questions but she drifted off to sleep only to be woken up minutes later by noises outside her ward.

“Where is she? Where is that whore? I will kill her with these bare hands!” She knew that voice. It was Mrs Maro. She had finally known of the affair. But where was Mr. Maro? She did not need to ask anymore.

“I will kill that whore for making me a widow. Where is she? Show me where she is!” Mrs Maro ‘s voice faded away slowly as she drifted off to a sad sleep.

Ryan took care of her in and out of hospital. Her parents were thankful of such a man. They heaped praises about him to her citing how lucky she was. It took five months for her to fully recover.

She was sitting alone at the verandah of her parents’ house watching the sky when Ryan joined her. He was holding a ring box. She stared at it then back at Ryan. He was gazing at her but his mind seemed faraway.

“Ryan? ” She called. He walked nearer to her and held her left hand. He stared at her middle finger for a long moment. When he finally looked at her eyes,his eyes were glassy.

“Anise, you see this ring,” he said as he opened it. “I planned to give it to you that day you had an accident. That is why I came unannounced.”

She was all teary now as he spoke in a sombre tone.

“I loved you, I still do but I cannot give you this ring. I cannot trust you after all that happened. I am glad you can now walk on your own ,feed yourself and move on with your life. This is the last day you see me. I am travelling abroad tonight. Have a good life Anis.”

He said and walked slowly to his car, as if in slow motion. He did not look back no matter how many times she called him. He drove away, never to be seen again.

Her parents watched secretly. When they saw him with the ring ,they had thought he was proposing. Her mother wanted to go and console her daughter. Her husband stopped her.

“No. Let her be. She lost a good man because of her bad choices.”