Sherry will not let herself killed

Everyone who knew her knew Sherry was destined for greatness. She was a born leader. She was eloquent ,confident and smart. In all the schools she attended,she was made prefect. She did not disappoint.

She even ran for the academic secretary of the students in campus and had a landslide victory. Sherry then graduated with a Political Science degree.

Sherry was waiting for her turn to be interviewed in Hon.Rio’s office. She was there with thirty others. He was looking for five new political campaign staff members to formulate and execute his campaign strategy.

Sherry did not just pass the interview. She caught Hon.Rio’s eye. He appointed her head of the campaign staff and in this way he would talk to her directly and daily. He would ask her out several times and she would politely decline. This heightened his curiosity to chase Sherry even more. No one said NO to Hon.Rio. Not with his political power and vast wealth. Now,here was a simple twenty three year old girl showing her back to him.

In the end, he won her heart. She had found out that he was recently divorced. He told her that she had cheated on him with his close friend. He had been devastated at her betrayal. He said that he had been so hurt that he had slapped her,something he deeply regretted. But that was his past,he wanted to focus on his future.

She thought it was his ex-wife’s loss. She counted herself fortunate at having him, a quick witted intelligent man with such political charisma and positive energy. He embodied all the values she desired in a man. Besides that,they had so much in common. Never mind that he was 5O and she twenty three.

“You ,you speak with intelligence of a 50 year old . You are very wise. I have the energy of a twenty year old.”He had said winking. “That’s how we compliment each other. Age is nothing to us.”

It was a private wedding ceremony. The next few months were bliss until Rio suggested a shocking thing.

“No!Rio!I can’t leave my job.” She said. Suddenly a hot slap landed on her cheeks. She could not believe it. She stared at him in disbelief but he was quick to apologise citing stress at work.He tried to be nice the following days.

Then on one peaceful evening, they were watching News at 7 while she made a comment.

‘This anchor is better with beards. He should stop shaving.What do you think Rio?” She looked at him and saw intense animosity in his eyes. She tried to retract her statement but it was too late. He pounced on her with blows and kicks as she screamt and shielded her face. Then she saw gray,then black and thought she was dead.

When she came to, she was in bed, bathed and clothed in pyjamas. Her hair had been washed too. But the smell of spruceness could not conceal the physical and emotional pain Rio had caused. He came up to her, a tray in his hands full of delicacies,grinning ear to ear.

“Look sweetheart your favorite breakfast.” He said.

She was now confused. Breakfast?Had she been unconscious for a whole night?

“What time is it?”She asked. Its 9:00 am. “You have been unwell for three days.” She felt her heart beat faster. He was now embracing her saying how sorry he was. How he did not want to lose her. She cried as he whimpered too. Then he made her face her.

“Sweetheart, Rio is a very jealous man.If you betray him,he will kill you.Ok,baby?” He asked her searching her eyes for such an awkward question.

She nodded and he smiled. He embraced her one more time and left. He had a meeting with some important dignitaries.

She waited for the roar of the car and rose up quickly from her bed kicking the darned tray away from her. She took a backpack and packed what was important to her. She used the backdoor and ran. She had never ran so much in her life. The afflictions she felt pushed her to run faster and further. It was a ran for her life.

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She hailed an oncoming bus and boarded quickly. Little did she know that this bus would take hours to reach its destination. But that is what she had hoped for. She alighted when every other passenger had left,when the conductor said the bus was in its final terminus.

Sherry would start again here. She would build herself up again. No,she was not going to let a egoistic misogynistic man ruin her life.