Synthia’s story

Its a ‘Share your Story Thursday’. On my first real story, I reached out to close friends and relatives I know who have been through life changing moments. Synthia is one of them.

She is a close friend of mine who allowed me to tell her story. She figured telling it all out would make her feel much better. She is in her mid 40s, single, not by choice.

On one chilly Saturday on the Month of April 2003, Synthia got married to a handsome young man who was just a few years older than him.

If ‘Thriving Couples’ Group had been created then, then they would have aaaawed and wowed people to sheer envy, from their love stories.

Synthia has since then burnt all the wedding photos. She wants none of the memories of her ex-husband Anthony. She tells me she feels pain, literally, in her heart, when she recalls his betrayal.

“Sometimes I think I should go there, burn him in that house and take myself to Kamiti Prisons” Synthia says and looks at me. I think I see a squint on one eye, one that tells me she will do it. I am about to give her some little preaching against vengeance but she laughs loudly and speaks.

“No, I have kids to take care of. He is not worth it.” She says and laughs again albeit you can feel her pain in that laughter. I hold her hand and she clutches it back tightly and then breaks into tears.

You see, Synthia immensely invested a life with Anthony. She meant her words when she said her vows to Anthony in the year 2003. She smiled and nodded and shed tears of love when Anthony looked her straight in the eye as he vowed to love only her till death do them apart.

She kept her promise but he did not. Synthia later even realised that he never meant any word he had said. He wanted someone else but he couldn’t have her because she was too young for him.

This young girl, Roselyn, was seventeen when Anthony met her. She was in a family friend’s home when he set his eyes on her that first time.

Roselyn and Anthony had both come to visit mutual friends who had just had a baby. Roselyn’s elder sister had come too but she was busy in the kitchen helping out the new mother.

While Roselyn cooed and held the baby, Anthony and the new father looked on amused at Roselyn’s enthusiasm on the infant. They would now and then go back and have their usual chit chat.

“So when I was done helping mama toto in the kitchen I called out to Rozzy (Roselyn) so that we go home.” Synthia continues.

“So when we said our goodbyes , Anthony sprang up and said he would drive us home. I was flattered. It was late and our hostess had told me he was a nice single guy.”

Anthony drove Synthia and Roselyn home as he tried to chat them up. Roselyn sat at the back silently as Synthia and Anthony had their small talk.

“He was a nice guy, very friendly and respectful. He told me a lot about himself and even asked to come visit us again some other time. I said yes.

So Anthony visited us many times after that. He came mostly on Saturdays and if Roselyn was around, the three of us would watch a movie or two and then he would go home. When Roselyn was at school, he accompanied me on various weekends to visit her in school.”

A year later Anthony and Synthia set a wedding date. Everyone thought it was right about time. People commented that they looked so good together. Roselyn was one of the bridesmaids. She helped arrange almost everything. That wedding was a success because of her great assistance.

“I felt indebted to my younger sis. She made sure everything went swiftly. I remember seeing her scolding the Wedding DJ for not having a better variety of songs.” Synthia says with nostalgia.

After the wedding, Roselyn moved in with them and later commenced with her college studies.

“When we went to our village, my dad asked to rent a small bedsitter for Roselyn so that Anthony and I could have our privacy. I laugh now because I was quick to say No. I said I would host her and that Anthony did not mind having her at all. Dad shrugged his shoulders and said that as long as all of us were comfortable, that’s all that mattered. ” Synthia says with a regretful face.

Synthia and Anthony had a child a year and a half later. Synthia felt lucky at having Roselyn around. The child seemed to love Roselyn right from day one. She made parenting feel so easy.

“Roselyn loves kids! She would just show her face to Little Kelvin and he would squeal in laughter. I enjoyed having her around and especially during the holidays because she wasn’t so busy with her studies.”

Another child came and another. She had had enough by 2017. Anthony and Synthia both agreed they could stop at three.

“The marriage was good. Yes, it had its ups and downs. Sometimes we quarrelled and treated each other silently but one of us would apologise to the other and life would go back to normal.”

Roselyn graduated but still continued to live with Synthia and her family. She found poorly paying jobs here and there but she had a sister’s support financially. She finally got a good job as a hotelier in 2017.

In the year 2018, Roselyn announced she wanted to move out. She was in her 30s then.

“She announced she was leaving suddenly. I felt as if she was unusually eager to leave us. Like she did not want to live with us anymore. I didn’t know how to cope without her. When I raised my concerns with Anthony, he was dismissive of my fears insinuating that maybe she had a boyfriend.

I hang on to that idea because at that time it made sense. I had never seen Roselyn with a boyfriend and when I joked she get herself a man, she would laugh it off. So I was excited at the prospects of my sister having someone to love her. ”

Roselyn did not visit them again for months even though she had promised her nephews and niece that she would be coming often. So Synthia decided to pay an impromptu visit to her sister’s.

“Rozzy hadn’t even invited me to see her new place but my househelp knew where she stayed. When I knocked on the door, I heard her rush to come open it, as if she expected someone. She was shocked to see me but I was more shocked. Roselyn had a visible protruding belly.”

Roselyn wanted to close the door on her elder sister but Synthia was quick to get in.

“I felt something run through my spine. A strong suspicion. There was something going on in that house that she did not want me to know and I had to find out. Then I saw the frame on the wall and got the shock of a lifetime.”

Roselyn had taken a picture of herself, almost naked in her pregnancy. Her waist was artistically covered in leaves. Her breasts were covered by the hands of a man behind her who was equally semi-nude. The couple looked so much in love. The man was Anthony, Synthia’s husband.

“I looked at her in disbelief and she shot back a venomous look. She was challenging me with that look. I felt so angry that I forgot she was pregnant. I pounced on her as she screamt. She did not expect me to react that way. She kept screaming, My baby!My baby! Then I stopped hitting her and ran out.”

Anthony never came back to Synthia’s house. He has never stepped foot in that house since that day. When asked why, he says his ex-wife is a psycho. He moved in with Roselyn and they had their baby and all he does is post pictures of his daughter with Roselyn as if he has no other children.

“He agreed to all my terms in the divorce process. He did not argue on anything. His lawyer said he was ok with anything our side demanded even if we wanted all his wealth. When our pastor tried to talk us out of the divorce, he said he was completely done with our marriage.” Synthia says amid sobs. Her handkerchief is so wet right now.

“He said he had never loved me, that he was sorry that the heart wants what it wants. That he loved Rozzy since the first day he laid his eyes on her. I asked him why then he led me on to getting married to him and he said Rozzy was too young and he thought that he just had a stupid crush on her but the feeling became stronger everyday.”

Synthia and Roselyn’s parents are stunned and angry at their younger daughter’s actions. She has refused to meet them and talk about all these. There was a recent burial of a neighbour in the village and the two (Roselyn and Anthony) had the audacity to attend. Villagers stared at them with utmost dsigust but they seemed to care less.

I ask Synthia what her plans are and she responds.

“What would you do? You move on. I have kids I need to focus on. Their dad only sends money for their upkeep but he wouldn’t visit them. I am now their mum and dad. I have to do my best and be there for them. I am their world and they are mine.”

I ask her what she would advise other women reading this.

“Don’t trust anybody. The disappointment is tragic when the one you trust with all your heart stabs you in the back. “

I ask whether she has any message for Anthony and Roselyn because they will read this. She chuckles. She says that I wouldn’t print what she would say to Anthony.

“But for Rozzy, I just want to thank you for breaking my heart in pieces. I am the only sibling you have in this world but you have hurt me the worst way . Thank you. Thank you Rozzy but I know one day you will regret for betraying your own blood sister. I hope the anger I feel right now will be over then and I will receive you in open forgiving arms.”

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