The Man of God

Many stories have been narrated about a supposed man of God caught preying on his flock. Nonetheless,this one will be told by one of the flock herself, me.

I am Peninah, a single mother of one. After my baby’s father passed on, Reverend Zeus and his wife were really empathetic towards my situation. Not only did they cater for all the funeral fees needed but also invited my son and I often to their place for dinner.

I comprehended why there was an almost idol-like adoration for this couple by the rest of the congregants. They ensured they were right there when one was in dire need. That way, one would feel so indebted to them that your loyalty to them would be unshaken whatsoever.

Like his name, he portrayed himself as pious. His prayers were theatrical, just the way the devotees liked. His sermons were more rebuking than hope giving. It made Reverend Zeus look like the Bible’s Jeremiah. Zeus would prophesy doom to the churchgoers unless they ran to his feet for repentance prayers on their behalf.

His fearlessness of telling a painful truth to the mass led to an increase in attendance of his church. He knew they were tired of promises of wealth and health from many church leaders which never were forthcoming even after persistent prayers.

There was a rumour though, that Zeus loved the female gender, in a way not as godly. It was just a rumour, no one had confirmed.

I myself confirmed it. It was one Friday afternoon when he came alone to my house clenching his big Bible. He claimed his wife had gone to shepherd a lost sheep somewhere else. My son was in school. I felt obliged to serve this important guest in the most exclusive way. So I did my best to show my gratitude for the immense support.

His gratitude was exhibited by the way he gobbled everything I placed on the table for his consumption. When he finally had enough, he announced his reason of dropping by ; To see how I was doing three months after my husband’s demise.  I voiced my appreciation for their continued support. He said he felt duty-bound since the late had been a good friend.

Then we started to reminisce the times when PK, like we fondly called him, was alive. We laughed at the good memories until my emotions turned against me and made me  a waterfall of torrents of tears. I still missed PK.

Zeus, came closer,  with a handkerchief in his hand. I thought I needed the fatherly shoulder until he touched my cheeks and I realised my need was different. His hand moved to my bosom, I did not resist. I had not experienced this kind of touch for almost a year. PK had been sick for a rather long time. So when Pastor Zeus touched me, the sleeping demons of desire in me awoke hungrily.

Zeus exorcised the demons with his God given masculine powers. He undid my clothes like they were possessed. His angelic fondles coerced me to give in to the deific man in the sacrilegious act. I could not look at his face when the demons cooled down. I had failed him, myself, his wife and PK. As for him, he was contemplating on another round of an adulterous session.I ordered him out. He left with a promise to be back another day.

Rue and displeasure were the  emotions that took over in me. That Sunday, I decided to go to his church and see whether the cherub of regret had knocked on his innerself. I took the last bench and watched him. Surprise!Surprise!

His sermon was titled ‘Temptations.’ I listened with a  controlled leash in me as the man who had  played with my breasts and gained access to my womanhood gates preached fervently on avoiding temptations. He bragged how many had tried to make him fall, but he the powerful man of God , still stood strong. He encouraged others to run, literally,  from devious women with wicked intentions. Gesticulating dramatically, he announced that many women of this kind sat amongst the congregation. They needed deliverance!The congregants shouted passionate Hallelujahs .

His wife looked on proudly. Then he prayed. A sensational prayer. He cursed seductive women who attempted to put men of God to trial, he prayed for good men like him to  not be led into temptations, he beseeched that faithful wives would always stand by their husbands and not listen to any homewreckers’ tittle-tattles. And the crowd said a loud Amen in unison.

The devout flock went home feeling spiritually rejuvenated. He was standing at the door now, greeting his flock, congratulating them for staying through the service.They walked out, bowing their heads to him, thanking him for  the powerful message. Then his eyes met mine and he whispered. “I want you again” He grinned and shouted an ‘Amen’ to hoodwink his faithful sheep.

I walked home slowly pondering on my next move. Bidding goodbye to Rev Zeus’ church was a good plan. His intentions were clear. He wanted me to share in his guilt , his sins and his hypocrisy. I knew if we got caught, he would throw me to the dogs, without a second thought. He had made that crystal clear on the podium while giving his sermon. Little did he know that I was no Lot’s wife. I was not turning back. Nobody wants to be a pillar of salt. I am a woman who makes a mistake only once.

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