The Man of God PART 2

“We just wanted to know whether you are ok, you haven’t come to church for a month now,” Reverend’s Zeus wife said. She looked at her husband, he was busy on the phone. She nudged him with her elbow and raised her eyebrows to him. She did not know that that she was the one in the dark.

“Hmm? Ooh. Peninah, why are you not attending church nowadays?” He asked and leaned back on the sofa. He formed a duck face to me behind his wife’s back, who looked at me with a concerned face. I stared at him, shocked that he had the nerve. He ogled at my legs and licked his upper lip then winked at me.

“Peninah, please tell us what is wrong and we will assist you in whatever way we can.” His wife said, oblivious of her husband’s shenanigans behind her back. She looked back at him and he straightened his face. He made a long sigh. A fatigued sigh.

“Look here, I think we have tried our best to help this lady. Let us leave the rest to God.” He said, looking at me slyly. I still did not speak. I watched them rise from my sofa and head to the door. I rose too to see them off. Mrs Zeus was out first. I watched as he ran in front of her to open the car door for her. Then he looked at his shoulders and clicked. He had forgotten his jacket in my house.

I saw it, lying on my sofa. This was deliberate. I went to pick it up and give it to him before he entered the house again. It was too late. He spanked my derriere igniting my anger. I was about to hit him when he caught my hand. His other hand pinched my nipple. I screamt. He took his jacket quickly and dived out.

“Watch your steps lady, you might fall and hit yourself hard.” I heard him say, for his wife’s ears. My blood boiled at the man’s lack of candor. This had to stop. He had pestered me enough, with endless phone calls,which I never picked and copious texts , that I sometimes deleted before reading through. Now he had the audacity to molest me when his wife was waiting on him in their car. I had to put this to a stop, with help.

I made the call that I never would have imagined I would. There was a “Hello” on the other side.

“Hello. Let’s do this.” I said to the receiver.

“I told you. Sounds like he still is a bother?” She asked.

“It’s getting worse.” I replied. We planned to meet the next day at my place. Our plan caused my fury to dwindle and in came an excited feeling. I couldn’t wait to end the hypocrisy of this so called man of God.

I woke up excited. She kept her time and came punctually. We hugged lovingly like sisters. We both shared a pain. We both had been taken advantage of by Reverend Zeus. When Aggy had lost her parents, Zeus exploited her vulnerability when she was grieving, and had carnal knowledge of her. He had promised to pay her remaining school fees if she ‘co-operated.’ However, Reverend Zeus did not pay for the latest semester. He wanted her to know that he controlled her.

“I watched how he behaved towards you that Sunday after service and I knew he had got to you too!” Aggy had said. She had pleaded me to help her expose him. I had declined her request because for me, I felt we had consented like two adults. Although he had abused my grief, I had made a mistake too. Nevertheless, his incessant botheration had become a thorn in the flesh.

“So what is your plan?” I asked Aggy who laid it out for me. I was charged! My mobile phone’s message tone rang.

“Mmh…talk of the devil. He always does this. He sends me a good morning text every 9:00am.” I told Aggy.

“Tell him you are down, that you woke up thinking of PK, that you feel suicidal, that nothing means anything to you right now.” Aggy said as I wrote the text, feeling supercharged. I put the phone down. We stared at each other and eagerly waited. Two seconds and his reply came.

Oh No child of God. I am coming over. Do not kill yourself.

We both read it and hi fived. The fool had fallen for it. It would be a ten minute drive. Aggy ran behind the kitchen door. She could see everything going on in the living room but no one could see her in her hiding place.

He came in and threw his bible on the table opening his arms to me. I was disgusted to even think of embracing him but I pushed every muscle in me to do it. He held me tight. Then his hands started to move down my waist. My heart was beating so loud now. I wondered why I had allowed Aggy to convince me into this. He held my butt cheeks with each hand. I hit his hands and pulled away. I hoped Aggy was playing her role.

“Please Reverend, I just want spiritual help!” I said. He gave me a wicked smile and came towards me, then held my chin and made me look at his face.

“Spiritual help is the last thing you need right now. What you need is this,” he said as he held my left hand leading me to touch his already hard manhood. It jumped at my touch. I pulled my hand away quickly and walked steps back. He followed me quickly and caught me, pinned me down the sofa. I could feel his breath on me. He could easily have had his way with me now. He moved his body closer and I felt his organ prick me through his trousers. I squirmed as he kissed my neck.

Then we heard the sound of someone clearing her throat. Reverend Zeus pulled away and sat upright , astounded. He glared at Aggy.

“You, what are you doing here?” He asked furiously. Aggy smiled. I went and stood next to her. He realized it. He had been trapped.

“I will kill you both for this.” He said standing up to meet us. I felt cold with fear. Aggy was smarter.

“There is a hidden live camera in this house recording this. There is a friend watching this right now. Don’t you dare come to us. If you do, this video of you trying to rape Peninah will trend online!” Zeus looked at her and noticed no bluff. He sat down in despair and held his Bible, then closed his eyes, his face expressing deep agony. We exchanged looks with Aggy. We almost broke into howls of laughter.

“Why are you doing this to a man of God, why?” He was crying.

Aggy got closer to him. “Look!” She said pointing at a pile of my teddy bears. ” One of those teddy bears has a camera in it. We want to expose you…”

“No…No…No…!” He pleaded. “I will do anything, anything, I will even pay your remaining school fees! Just don’t expose me!” He beseeched. The man crying in my sofa was a pale shadow of the self assured man who spoke with vigour and vitality on a church podium on Sundays.

Aggy commanded him to pay her fees right then, through mobile transfer. He obeyed. She asked him to quit bothering me too. She even ordered him to resign as Reverend. He nodded desperately at her demands. If he failed to do so, she would expose him.

“Now go!” He leapt out quickly and drove off speedily. We fell on the floor in heaps of laughter.

“The fool believed someone is watching us!” I said between guffaws.

“Did you see how he ran out of the house?” We shrieked again to a loud and long chortle.

“But seriously, did you record him on your phone as he attempted to…” I asked Aggy. She held my hand to comfort me.

“I did my dear, I know it was hard for you but remember you did it to save not only me and you but all the women and girls he intends to abuse. Thank you Peninah. Now let’s wait for Sunday and see the outcome.” She said.

The day came. I was apprehensive. Aggy came to pick me up. We were not going to his church for spiritual nourishment but to witness Reverend Zeus’ end a hypocritic leadership. We took our seats at the last row. Surprise! Surprise!

He stood at the platform with a sombre look. “He will resign!” Aggy whispered to me. Little did we know.

“Brothers and sisters. I am deeply saddened by Satan’s efforts to beat the man of God. Yesterday, they send me a video of me doing wicked things, the video is photoshopped. They asked me to pay them a huge amount of money or else they would spread the video.” The flock gasped in shock. There were murmurs and short prayers from the congregants.

He condemned the blackmailers and convinced the congregation not to believe anything they heard or saw about him. He announced that the devil was working tirelessly to bring him down but he would continue serving the children of God despite the challenges. The audience shouted ‘Amens’ as his voice reverberated through the church as he rebuked the devil for pursuing him. When he finished his sermon, the followers gave him a standing ovation, followed by song and dance.

I looked at Aggy. She was on her phone. “What are you doing Aggy?” I whispered painfully. Zeus had beaten us in our game.

“I stole the contacts of the congregants from the church secretary’s file yesterday. I am sending everyone the video and they can decide whether the video is photoshopped or not.” As soon as Aggy finished saying those words, Zeus’ wife stood up and screamt. She was staring at her phone , her face aghast.

More people made bewildered noises. Then sounds of phone vibrations were heard everywhere. One by one, they watched the video from their phones. They were eager to share the video with those that had not received it. Needless to say, the dismay on many faces showed that there was no wool in their eyes.

“Is this really photoshop? Who cannot see that this is him? Such a lying skunk! Poor Peninah, no wonder she left the church!” The crowd murmured. They did not notice me. I had covered my head with a scarf and I tried not to look at their faces.

Reverend Zeus ran to his wife and craned his neck to her phone and saw it. She forcefully pushed him from her and ran out in tears. He ran back to the microphone and started to speak.

“Shut up Zeus!” It was one of the choir girls. She walked to the stage and grabbed the microphone.

“Brothers and sisters. This man here is a snake. I have been a victim too, but I was scared to tell anyone. One day I was attacked by a bad case of malaria. I could not move out of the house. I managed to call him but when he came, instead of assisting me, he slept with me! I said God will expose him one day and he has finally done so.” The crowd made shrills of disbelief as the lady continued.

“Zeus does not deserve to stand here! Does he?” The congregation shouted a big No! waving their hands in annoyance. Zeus clutched his Bible. Then an underwear landed on his head. Another fell on him. And another. Soon, all the women were throwing their panties to him. He ran from church as women followed him waving their innermost clothes at him.

It was just me and Aggy left in church. I looked at her and smiled. There was noise outside there. The women were squealing. Some voices could be heard,trying to calm the situation. I wondered whether they were bearing any fruits.

“We did it!” Aggy said.

“Yes we did. I wonder why he is running away. I thought he loves when the panties are out?” I said. We laughed.

“Removing panties from women gave him pleasure, now let the women humiliate him!” Aggy said.We walked away, the angry voices fading with distance.

Zeus featured in the 7:00pm news that evening. The church headquarters had excommunicated him for causing such an embarrassment to the church. It was about time the flock had a new shepherd! The old shepherd had devoured too many a sheep!