The unlikely guardian angel

It is hard to tell a woman’s story right now, not with the Corona monster creeping its behind into our country uninvited jumbling our lives so bad we are unable to live and breath normal. Nonetheless, let us try to divert the attention from the ogre to Lisa’s story. Life must go on.

Lisa had a good relationship with Pablo,or so she thought, for two years. She was in high school when he was a school drop-out. He should have finished school at their time of dating. Her friends were green at her luck at gaining a ‘working class’ man. Pablo was a bodaboda (motorbike) guy. He shared his earnings with her or sometimes bought her expensive gifts which she proudly flaunted to her friends who swallowed hard,the envy.

However, Lisa passed in her national exams. The high school madness left her. Her relationship with Pablo stopped being about gifts and became about having enlightened conversations which Pablo could not keep up. He also sunk in insecurity. She was going to university and he was having a difficult time coming to terms with this. She decided to break up with him.

Pablo jumped through the roof. He yelled, cried, accepted her wish then changed his mind. He was not going to have any of it.

“You cannot leave me!” He said dangerously. Lisa rued that she had chosen to break this news in his house. She did not expect he would take it that way. He tore up his beddings, hit the wall with his head and punted forcibly at any object that stood on his way.

“Pablo, you will get over it and find someone compatible with you. I am not changing my mind.” She said and managed to sneak out swiftly from the small room he intended to wife her in, when she was through with secondary school.

Lisa told her best friends Rosa and Edna who sympathised with her.

“He has no choice but to accept it. We all suffer from heartbreaks once in a lifetime.” Edna said.

“Time is a healer. Just don’t let him see you often. It might open fresh wounds.” Edna added.

Lisa took her friends’ advice weightily. She being an orphan, lived with her grandma. She convinced the grandmother to allow her live with one of her aunties in the capital town. Her grandma obliged. Lisa gladly packed and left.

Life in the urban with her cousins drove her crazy. She was thoroughly entertained until she saw him, clad in leather,seated on his motorbike staring at her lustfully uninterested in his peers animated discussions. Lisa was dumbfounded.

“C’mon Lisa,why did you stop?” One of her cousins asked. Lisa glanced at him. He was stumped at her sudden attitude. She pointed at the direction Pablo was. Then she became more bewildered. He had vanished.

“Oh my God!” Lisa exclaimed.

“What?” Her cousins yawped.

“I could have sworn I saw my ex just now!” She shook her head, “Maybe I am hallucinating. Let us go guys.” She said walking towards them glancing once more at the direction she thought she saw Pablo.

Minutes later, she was standing outside a mall manning her cousins’ bags as they bought vanilla cake.

“Hi baby.” She saw him, standing tall to her grinning, still in his leather gear. She heard her heart skip a beat.

“Pablo, what are you doing here? It’s three hundred kilometres from home!”

“I now work here, to watch over my baby.” He said and extended his hand to her cheek, fondly tickling her. Lisa threw his hand off in disgust. He smirked at her and leant to whisper to her ear.

“You are mine forever Lisa.” He said and patted her back then walked with a bounce to his bike. Before he wore his helmet on, he looked at her and winked at her. By the time her cousins came from the mall, she was in jitters. Needless to say, she arrived at her aunty’s place eager to leave the town despite pleas to stay just a bit longer from her relatives who had grown so fond of her.

When she arrived at her home town, she decided to buy her grandma a half-kilo of meat. Surprisingly, an emaciated dog sleeping at the door of the butchery gained an unusual interest in her. She brushed it off but the poor thing kept following her. When she arrived at her grandma’s, it would not go back. It stayed around her, wagging its tail happily as if he had found a long lost friend.

The next day,when her grandma sent her to buy bread, she opened the door and found it sleeping. He woofed excitedly and ran around her almost tumbling her to the ground.

“If I fall because of you, I will throw a stone at you.” She kept saying this even as they went back home from the shop and the dog would bark as if teasing her to proceed with her threat. Then this time, he took the game to a higher notch, he ran and hid in the bushes by the side of the road. He did not understand that Lisa was not in the mood to play hide and seek especially with a dog.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her mouth. Someone was dragging her off the road. She tried to kick forcefully but he was robust! He threw her on the ground and placed himself on top of her. Her eyes met his. Pablo was holding her hands close to her chest with one hand as the other hand unbuttoned her blouse skillfully. He had a wry smile on his face as he watched her fight helplessly.

“Didn’t I tell you, that you are mine forever?” He said lifting her skirt up, groping her . She knew he would have his way with her but she would fight to the end. She coiled and twisted, cursing and pleading.

He gave an unexpected hoarse bawl. He started to pull away as if he was being tugged. She did not understand until she saw her guardian angel’s canines digging deep in Pablo’s back of his legs. Pablo struggled to kick the dog with his other leg that was now oozing blood forcefully.

Lisa ordered the dog to stop as she ran away. The dog faithfully stopped the attack and followed her and together they ran home. Lisa did not want to give her grandma any depressing news, she was too old to worry. After all, she had a guardian angel.

The next morning, she cried in disbelief. Her dog was lying by the door, writhing in pain, wounds all over his body, at the edge of crossing over to the dead world. Her grandma who had been disinterested in it before pitied her when he saw the anguish she felt . Were it not for her expertise in dealing with traditional medicine, the dog would have died.

Two weeks later, Simba as she had named it, was well again. He had been fed well and he looked stronger and more fierce. He however prefered to stay indoors since his attack, an attack Lisa suspected had been orchestrated by her ex. She wondered whether he would try to attack her again. She still had not told anyone about him.

Little did she know, he had planned something bigger for her. He knew her grandmother would go to the market on Saturday, she always did.And she did that Saturday, leaving Lisa alone in the home compound.

When he stood at the door, a stick in his hand, Lisa’s heart sunk. She moved back as he approached her as if in slow motion. He was taking his jacket off as he came towards her. The wall behind her stopped Lisa and she had nowhere to run.He came towards her and she felt his breathe so close to her. He dropped the stick and cupped her breasts. She was trembling, her oomph to fight all drained.

He tore her dress and moved his arms on her back, then pulled her towards him by her buttocks as he smiled evilly at her. Lisa knew the dog would not save her this time. It had found a new friend, a neighbour’s dog that it frequently visited.

“Where is your stupid dog ,now? Mmhh?” He asked slyly, smelling on her neck, “I wonder where you buried it after I beat it to a pulp!” Lisa sighed in emotional pain. Simba was alive but at that moment , he was as good as dead as Pablo thought. Pablo took the stick he had put betwen his legs and held each end under Lisa’s neck. She whimpered in pain as he strangled her.

Then he dropped the stick at the sound of deep growls behind him. He fearfully turned to look and before him were two angry dogs, their canines showing, gnarling in obvious anger and anticipation to charge.

“Order them out quickly!” Pablo said, his voice shaky. He moved back and tried to hide behind Lisa who was trying to cover her nakedness. She was disgusted at the intrusion that had been done on her body. She moved away from Pablo and clapped her hands. The cue to the dogs! She watched with no empathy or second thought.

“Stop!” It was Lisa’s grandmother. The dogs feared her. They ran off leaving a disfigured, broken Pablo on the ground. There was blood all over. She called the police.

Pablo survived but his hands and legs had to be amputated. He had to recuperate in prison.

Sitting outside home relaxing, Lisa said, “Grandma, I once was scared of dogs, now I am more scared of men than of dogs….I hope that dog Pablo rots in jail.”

“True. The sad thing is, they are many like him out there. Men who act like dogs. Yet some dogs like Simba here and the neighbour’s are ten times humane than men like Pablo.” Grandma said, patting Simba’s neck. “Some men have brought shame to the entire male society, that even the animal kingdom has decided to teach them a lesson.”

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