Vaginal Tightening Advice

The vagina is an elastic organ.But with vaginal childbirth and age, there may be slight weakening of pelvic muscles. This may affect a woman’s self esteem and performance in the bedroom.

In this patriarchal society, a good woman is perceived as one with the tightest canal. If possible a hymen for every sexual intercourse. A woman with a tight vagina is wrongly interpreted as one who has not slept with many different men and vice versa.

Similarly, men want to be viewed as owners of huge tools of satisfaction. They want to be praised for lasting eons during the mating session. They have therefore turned to male enhancement and performance boosters . Their long and enlarged penises should now struggle in the very tight vaginas.

To conform to these dubious standards, most women will therefore be lured to the promising advertisements of buying vaginal creams to tighten down there.

Are vaginal creams safe, effective?

These creams claim that once applied inside the vagina, they restore your elasticity to that of a virgin, permanently. But what exactly do they do? Do they provide a new hymen?

Of course not.

These creams or gels either

  • Create an astringent effect on the vagina that tightens up the tissue of the vaginal wall and vulva.
  • Dry out the mucus on the vaginal walls, which can increase friction and make your vagina feel temporarily tighter. 

Nothing permanent.

There are no clinical trials to prove that these creams are safe or effective and no doctor will prescribe these creams to you because no tests have been done to approve them.

Dangers of using vagina tightening creams

When the vaginal mucus is dried out, there is friction that could cause painful sex and tissue damage.

One could catch an infection or an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the gel/cream.

It could also result to painful spotting.

Safe options to tighten the vagina

If you feel that you are really loose down there and you need to tighten up, there are safe options to tighten up.

1. Kegel exercises

Trying holding your pee midway. Did you manage? That’s how kegel exercises are done.

Exercise 1

  • Tighten your pelvic floor muscles, release them and let them relax
  • Repeat

Exercise 2

  • Tighten your pelvic floor muscles and hold them for as long as you can
  • Release and relax
  • Repeat

Exercise 3

  • Tighten your pelvic floor muscles then immediately let them go
  • Quickly tighten them again and repeat as many times as you can—it will feel as though you’re ‘pulsing’ the muscle

Try doing each exercise at least 10 times throughout the day.

This will tone up the pelvic floor muscles and will not only help the vagina feel tighter during sex but it will also help in stress urinary incontinence (involuntary leakage of urine)

Note: Don’t try Kegel exercise with a full bladder or when passing urine as this could lead to urinary tract infection.

2. Squats

Stand with your legs spread and the hips turned out.

Go down like you are sitting on a bench

Go up and stand up for some time

Squat again

Start with five squats on day 1, add five more every day. Make this a routine.

3. Herbal remedies

Most Indian women will swear by natural herbs to tighten the vagina. The most common herbs used for this purpose are apple cider vinegar, aloe vera gel and lemon juice.

For the vinegar and lemon juice they pour some in a bath tub/basin and then soak themselves in there for twenty minutes or so.

With aloe vera gel, some of it is diluted in a bowl and then used to wash the vagina area.

Continued practise of these, is said, to bring great effects.

Note : Consult your gynae before trying any of the above herbal remedies

4. Surgery

They call it vaginoplasty. There are qualified surgeons who can tighten the vagina even in Kenya.

According to a report made by Avane Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic,Nairobi charges between Kshs 250,000-300000 for a complete vaginal tightening surgery.

It would be advisable if you had a long talk with your gynae to establish if the surgery is really necessary.

That said, no woman should bow down to pressure from a man to go extreme lengths to tighten her vagina. Any measures you take should be at your own volition.

Understand your body. Learn about your body. Love your body.

No one grows younger and being a parent is a blessing, a slight weakening of the muscles need not make you feel any less of the great woman you are!

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