Wednesday, It’s all about health!

Our health matters, right? Of course, you say.

Lipsete will therefore be preparing various topics on health issues that involve women.

We will have doctors to help us through, to educate us and give us more info.

We will also interview other women who have gone through various health challenges.

Feel free to share your story to encourage fellow women. Your real names do not have to be used. Your story might just encourage a fellow woman going through what you did.

Do also ask Mamlipsete to discuss on a health topic of your choice on the comment section. We will try as much as possible to answer all your questions.

We wish you a healthy Wednesday and all other days too! God bless you!


  1. Hi, I am Grace. Thanks for the great initiative. I would like a discussion on female pattern baldness and if there are any intervention measures be it home remedies or medical intervention. This is a topic that I hold close to my heart and would really appreciate if you discuss it. Thanks

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