What if he got stuck in you!

Following a story by Leesa about her lover getting stuck in her and the sad episode that followed, did you think, What if it happened to you?

For most Africans, they believe that when a man gets stuck during lovemaking, there has to have been some spiritual hand in it. Someone must have ‘locked’ them.

Such an occurrence happened in Ukambani (Kenya) in the year 2019 when a married man in his excited lovemaking session with his mpango wa kando (side chick) in a lodging, realized he couldn’t pull out. The two started to scream for help and soon a crowd had formed to witness the rather amusing issue.

It was until the wife of the cheating man ‘unlocked’ them after she made the man swear that he would never cheat on her again. The humiliated man had to pay a fine to the ‘witchdoctor’ who had been hired by his wife to lock the lovers.

As soon as the money was paid, the stuck couples seperated.

The video had been uploaded on YouTube but has since been pulled down due to its graphic content.

Scientists however say that this is a medical condition known as Penis Captiva and although it is a rare occurrence, it does happen.

According to this article by BBC, https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-25827175 there are cases of married people getting stuck.

Causes of such a conditon may come from physical, emotional or pyshological factors or all.

Now, what if it happened to you? What if your man’s member stuck in your cookie?

First, if you are superstitious as some of us are, you better not be cheating, because you never know the aggrieved spouse may just have had enough of your philandering and may decide to visit Mganga kutoka Tanzania.

Imagine the shame and don’t forget we are all video journalists, now that we all have smartphones! Internet will be on fire as we watch you trying to hide your face while laying in some awkward private style weeping for forgiveness!

Now that it stuck, don’t scream! Instead relax. Your muscles will relax too and you will be able to separate. Just hang in there, nothing lasts forever.

Leesa’s doctor later told her that her ex panicked, had he waited for some minutes, they would have seperated without any harm. Pulling out at this stage caused great harm on him but especially on her because her vaginal walls were severely torn.

Is it still stuck after long periods of time? Don’t panic. There are muscle relaxers that can help you rescue from that awkward situation. Call a doctor. Oops! you left your phone downstairs. You are in deep trouble love birds!

But not to worry.

Penis Captiva is a very seldom occurrence in humans.Chances are you will only hear about it! Some doctors even believe this is an urban myth!!!

Have a stick-free Friday!

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