What we will do on Tuesdays!!!!

A new Lipsete, Hurray!!! Tuesdays will be special!

Special? You ask. Yes.

We will endeavor to share info we gather in the streets of research and interviews from experts.

Tuesday’s ideas will be all about tips :fashion tips, kitchen tips, street hacks.

Topics on love, motherhood, marriage, dating, househelp tips will be found here.

We will also give you some house care tips, and you will most definitely enjoy learning how to make your family happier.

Other times we will teach you an easy life hack. You will be so pleased!

Other times we will pose to you “Did you know…”

We want you to think, at the end of the article, “Mmh… that’s informative!”

Stay tuned here at Mamlipsete! It will always be for a better you!

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